tibetan freedom

Free tibet!!!!

Watch this

free tibet? I'll take two, please.


Ok, I fail in the global theme of things, but I like the T.


Hmmm I like the idea, but the design itself doesn't feel very Tibetan. There should be prayer flags rather than 'Chinese' lanterns, and most Tibetan girls wear their hair in long plaits, not bunches, which is again more Chinese.
Sorry, it's proably just me being anal, and the design is great, it just doesn't look at al Tibetan to me.


I kinda agree with marinegirl, but I still really like it though


Genius! I would definately wear this, and recommend it to all my friends in Students for A Free Tibet club at my school as well.


I agree that it looks mores chinese, but its very pretty. A couple color options would be nice. I know the color is very tibetan but it would look horrid on me. I give you a $4 anyway =)


This is nice


This would be nice if any of the money would actually go towards the cause...


it's purty, but it just feels a little off for some reason...


Who knows, maybe the girl is supposed to be looking more chinese, kind of an extension of the control thing.
I really really love the flowers. :)


That's what I thought. China has taken so much control of Tibet that it is getting lost.


Free the United States!


I love it, and I'm all for a free Tibet... but I agree with everyone who says that the design isn't Tibetan enough. Especially the chinese lanterns. Basically, if it didn't say "Free Tibet", and it was just the design, I would NEVER think Tibet... I would think Chinese or somewhere tropical.


Also, dislike the balloon. I like katerad's idea of the Chinese overwhelming the Tibetan, but there has to be something Tibetan there to be overwhelmed or the message isn't clear.

Phil 404

agree, the Tibet theme/feel is rather lost, and the blue text is abit over powering .. but I absolutely love the rest of the drawing.


the graphic is good, change the color of the tshirt for green or blue


Not on orange and i'd leave off the english translation $5. Though damn it it looks good on orange


The Chinese are killing the Tibetians aren't they so maybe it is a little Chinese girl who is an advocate for Tibet and telling her people to stop oppressing their people. I love the detail and the shading anf the flower however I don't like the color that the shirt is on.


Yea, I'd have to say marinegirl pretty much nailed it. Very well done graphic all the same. Reminds me of Sam Kieth a little bit.


I like the design. I agree the text is overpowering. I admit I don't like it on yellow though.


nice! Tibet is magical


ah Tibet?


Is it a little Chinese girl praying for Tibet? Because that's the impression I get.




Beautiful drawing.


I know everyone hates orange-y shirts, but I actually really like this shade.
I love the design, although I think I'd like it better without the English translation.


cool :)


Everyone has opinion and I do not think that threadless will print this shirt. I think this because it is to suggestive (not like suggestive as in a sexual term). I believe that threadless does not want to make confliction between two sides. I believe personally that Tibet should be free for all reasons, but there are people that would challenge that. [My Score:] 2


Hey!!! great artwork!!! ONE WORLD, ONE DREAM, FREE TIBET... see my Free Tibet t-shirt... All the best!

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