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clever, but only if people knew where the shirt came from :-) 3


Aaaaaaa! Gives me nightmares about making a full body-suit for Halloween. I agree with TheScientist, though, that people who don't know it's from threadless are gonna be like, "Dude, why is there a sewing machine on your shirt?"


Don't like the font...

Other than that, what TheScientest and Cekoz said...and it's cool.


On the street, this would look just like a diagram of a sewing machine.


even if people have no idea, i love it. and i want it... just not orange.

Freddie Mokuyobi

I sew, so I like it! It would be better if there were some jokes mixed in with the describers, like something random like banana peeler or kill face or something I don't know. 4


kill face?? I get what everyone else said, and points taken.


About as boring as sewing itself.

oh monica

i dig it, just not orange. $4


should probably buy this for someone who takes home ec. /textiles at school. I'm sure if I had seen this when I took it I'd've gotten a lot more done.


Well kids, your generation is of a simply modern (in the mind) kind and matching attire is all the rave. Get bodacious, boys and girls, it's hip to be simple.


I can safely say that I would buy 200 of these shirts for (at about $21.50 each) poverty stricken families in the Philippines. So they can be reminded of their enevitable destiny that is the sewing machine. Only to pretend I care. Which I do, except, not really. But really.


I like it but I don't realy like the font used. But it works with the shirt okay, so yeah i won't complain. :) nice work.


how could you not like futura?! anyway...i don't know what people are referencing, because it sounds like a horror movie that i haven't seen/heard of.


Sewing is my life, so I like it, but I look really awful in orange. ;0


i like it, but maybe on a different colour?


too big on the t shirt


The illustration is all off perspective and looks more like a kid's MS paint diagram for a school presentation than a detailed schematic. Still, cool idea.


almost too clever... SPY!


this would have come in handy for my 8th grade sewing test. haha. 5.


Feed the dog...?


I love this sub. I think it could be better with a bold outter stoke around the entire shape of the machine.


i'd like it better if the sewing machine was drawn by hand, a bit more sketchy, with hand lettered (or a handwriting font) labels. i think basically people are saying that your concept is good, but it needs work before it can be printed


haha its pretty cool. give it some humour though like. make them descriptions to a doomsday device. like gamma ray control. detonate button random shit like that.


sew it ... not just wearable, but useful too... that is a T


great idea but the design could use some more work.
composition is very nice for on a t-shirt.


this reads as a diagram of a sewing mahine, not a pun. i'm really getting tired of joke shirts on this site. however, i would definitely buy it if you cleaned up the illustration and got it looking more technical.


i like it, but i think it would be nice if it was more in detail. the sewing machine is too square. you should round it up a bit. good job though.


When I was in high school by best friend made me a spoof book out of a sewing machine instruction manual and it was so fucking funny - and it was on that orange color it was called "how to reach completion with a hand crank" aka masterbation.


love the concept, not so hot on the design.

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