They keep making them smaller...

  • by maduko
  • posted Dec 11, 2006

I'm just obsessed with that projector! This is the second design using that image.

I was inspired by a conversation about how tiny our cameras have become.

Watch this

This is so good I have to make up a new word for it: SCRUMPTRULECENT. $5


you did >not< make up that word.


Will Ferrell is a comic genius.


I LOVE it! Maybe on light blue, or light gray? Or creme instead of white? Either way, $5!

Phil 404

^ yer, on a colour .. but the design: $5


I feel like that little line of people looking at any number of things would make for an enjoyable t shirt. Very nice.


I love your drawing


my dad has a little cardboard cut out of people lined up like that taped up to his tv screen. he says it reminds him of mystery science theater 3,000.


haha, dope $5


i'm a big fan

.onion profile pic Alumni

Pretty cool idea, and I like the style you used for the people. Try some more unique colors!


i want this on that i will own this..


Scrumtrilescent. If it was in the dictionary, that's how I imagine it would be spelled.


(^words are spelled diffrerntly in different dictionarys) there should be more color choises, I can't wear white.


it'd look nice printed in white on a black tee!


I hope I'm wrong about this, and if I am, take it as a compliment. But I have the feeling you didn't draw this. I'm betting, based on lack of any other designs, and anything artistic on your web site, that you just used clip art or otherwise stole the imagery.


the people are on the clip arty side of things. however, i would still love this design in TECHNICOLOR.


not into the white. and those people are great! i would buy a t with just them on it!


love the white shirt, actually, and i love the design. i would like it even better with an even more old-timey projector. maybe a whole series of tiny people wearing clothes from older and older eras, looking up at the equivalent mass entertainment device of their age.

and i love the guy on the left gesturing towards it!


I love the people you have drawn them like fashion sketches, and i was thinking that too! Genius! $5


gah. this is awesome. i loooooove it

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