With Dimes Upon Your Eyes

  • by Hamburger
  • posted Dec 08, 2006

this is my first design!

Watch this

that looks like MS paint

just like mine does

Baron von Aaron

yeah but trav yours was actually good this isn't


i thought neither of them were good. sorry


can we just forget about those two subs of mine.

Baron von Aaron

Roxy.. I seem to recall this from one of his:

"I like this one a lot more." However, I don't really care what you think, I liked travis' concept. What is the concept here? The implementation is even worse than travioli's. I liked the second "overkill" sub.


I like how nobody is talking about the sub that is acctually on this page!

Baron von Aaron

i talked about it. I don't like it. What, those lumpy ovals are supposed to be dimes? Is that grass-like stuff supposed to be hair? The face isn't very good either. Looks like something an 11 or 12 year old would doodle in their pre-algebra notebook.

aled profile pic Alumni

Hello Hamburger. I'm afraid to say your effort here pales in comparison to some of the designs submitted to this comp. Good idea, but a good idea is nothing without good execution so get a hold of Illustrator and get practicing!


poop! oh well.
im not very good at anything anyways.


.onion profile pic Alumni

I'm sorry, I have no idea what on earth this is supposed to be, besides lots of thin blue lines.


beanboy actually said something short and sweet for once :p but i agree with him, and theres still time for this competition and for baron, i think some ppl doodle damn good when theyre twelve


well its she's soposed to be drowning, and the blue lines are water, and umm the circles are dimes!

wow, i doodle like a twelve year old.


ha! i have till janurayryysiasf.



It really creeps me out and I can't put into words why that is.


dont give up, you have a lot of potential, just need some practice. you're only 15? so young, you will get better! :)


Hey I am sweet! I am taking night classes in sweetness. I am getting a doctorate in Foolentology and it's an elective. Don't be so hard on yourself. Everyone has their own style. (queue sappy music) :)


Have you ever drawn anything before?


dude, some people are kinda harsh. X____x;;

I don't think its quite up to the level of other things yeah,
but I think the composition is cool, and with some practise (there's still time!) i think a new sub of this could rock.

Congrats on your first sub! : )
(I haven't had the courage yet either, and dude, I'm totally scared to, now)


get illustrator and keep practicing. but nice concept.


thanks turtle-pants !

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