Playmobil's Day

I must be really blonde.. because i don't get it. Ha

Watch this

i dont know what playmobil is... but the hand looks like a leggo hand, is it some sort of leggo thing?


yeah I think they're leggo dudes...3 for now...5 if u change it to leggo man or something other than "playmobil"


Playmobils are like Legos for younger kids, the pieces are bigger, etc.


I'd prefer it say leggo but 5 cause this is still awesome.


It would be cool if only that hand was yellow. tee hee. i like.


^^ Haha I like that idea!

deep space monkey
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I like it, those whacky danish(or german?) things.


As much as I love legos, Playmobil totally kicks lego in the shins. Keep "playmobil" in there. It makes my heart happy.


You don't need the text at all, and dropping it would stop the silly fighting over playmobil vs. lego.


eggo is for waffle--only one g for lego, people.

interesting design, but I don't think I'd wear it.

The text is too just black and white--it should have some gray shades like the picture to tie it in.


I LOVE PLAYMOBIL!!! Wow! This is the best idea ever! I would wear this all the time. Every day. I would be buried with this shirt. I'm totally serious.


i actually love this.


Love it, $5, changing it to "Lego" would completely ruin it for me


I'd like to see more color!!



I had so many as a kid

This shirt is amazing


PLAYMOBILS! changing it would ruin the shirt... if you don't understand it, its not for you ;)


Playmobil is the best


Playmobil > Legos.

Especially when you had like, 800 horses that were rediculously thin so the playmobil people could sit on them.

I'm totally saving all of th playmobil in our attic (which was actually all my brothers) for my children.


keep the text, make the hand yellow, and add some yellow in the text and it is a winner!

Stupiditys Ugly Head

im OLD, and i dont remember playmobil. i could imagine both might have copyright issues. maybe a lego (or playmobil) piece with an exclamation on it instead of the text.


keep the playmobil, because it is what you wanted on the shirt and it looks good. let the kiddies who want lego instead make a different shirt. this one is perfect as is. everyone does not have to undertand every shirt to make it good. the detractors are being corporate populists. i am pretty sure that a big reason for the purchase of many shirts on this site is for the sake of obscurity itself. don't let the man bring you down! 5$


What the heck HAPPENED to Playmobil??? I mean, all these people saying they'd never heard of it? How deprived the game boy/nintendo/playstation children of today are...
Great design, great idea!


it looks like he is doing something that his Grandma should of told him he would go blind for doing...but thats me


Playmobil is still alive and very much kicking in my local toyshop. They have a massive farmyard christmas scene rotating in the window...


I LOVED Playmovil! I think I still have a few old sets in my basement somewhere! Keep the Playmobil, but I do like the idea of you making it a different color. The fleshy color most Playmobil are, perhaps?


PLAYMOBIL!!!!!! :) :) Man, I'm excited. Lego would be pretty much just as cool, but the best would be if his hand were yellow (the rest kept the way it is). I'd buy this shirt out. $$$$5


I thought you were referring to some twisted consequence of masturbation...


For truly accurate playmobil conversion, I think some distortion of the hair is necessary.


Great Idea - playmobil rocks!


Lego > Playmobil. Hacks.


It made me laugh...but overall I wouldn't buy it...


Playmobil rules hard. The fact that it's making a comeback makes me happy.


i had a surgeon playmobil set...the blanket was molded to fit over the playmobil person on the surgical bed-thing...i also had a gas station playmobil set...this shirt is amazing


gosh, how come so many people never heard of playmobil?! even tho I'd have liked better if people who don't know what it was remained quiet ou admitted they didn't know. saying it's just lego for younger kids made me sad. and playmobils are not yellow, people! loved the shirt, I'd totally buy it. $5


old school. YES!!!!!


i don't know why everyone keeps saying they haven't heard of it. walk through any toy section. you'll see them. they still make them. i have a pirate one at my desk.


ahh! Playmobils! man this shirt gets a 5.


Hmmm, not feelin' it.

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