Isabella Plays Cards

um this is my first. i know it's not that rad, don't tease too much ok. thanks I appreciate it.

Watch this

If ou don't think it's good, why submit? Work on something you're happy with and submit that instead.


i like it too. very nice


make some sort of food with a squigly face! No, wait...don't. Do what the bunny said. It's more satisfactory for your constitution.


i like it
it's funny


I think it's cute, but why not include the actual Tarot artwork?


its adorable!


Awe, I really like Tarot-cow! Very good work. =)


nice cute idea but the image needs to be worked on

Keki Armstrong

it went up and i didn't even know it wow. well the thread is way over but I'll answer the questions anyways.

bitterbunny, I liked it. I thought it was good. However I'm not dumb and I know it's not quite as awesome as a lot of the things that go up here. that's all.

indy, because I found out that recreating tarot images from web found jpgs is difficult (i don't own a set). and in the end I decided it might offending someone.

I feel pretty good about this, thanks for being rad everyone

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