Breaking the Ice

My first submission; I'm not expecting much except maybe some good C&C.

Watch this

I like it! Especially the pengiuns. good job.

valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

That's so funny! It'd be even funnier if you had a flock of penguins flying with balloons.


I agree w/ valorandvellum -> if there was a flock of penguins flying with balloons in the background, that'd make this shirt perfect. 5 -> 5$ with a flock of penguins.


5$ wow! first submission! That's fantastic! The placement on the shirt looks great and the idea is very cute. The ice could probably be fleshed out a little bit but as it is I would probably buy it!


i'm sorry but i'm tired of penguins. really am. hate all of them. hope they fall into an orca.

but if you insist on using it, i'd shrink it down a bit and put it lower to the right and have, as the others have said, a flock of them floating around in the back. maybe some doing comical poses or something.


I think he needs 2 balloons


The design is great but i see too much penguins here...

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Too many penguine shirts. Balloon should be tied aorund his waist.


This shirt is great. I love penguins. But I agree, maybe the string should be tied around his waist instead. 5$


Hahaha! I think this is very cute. "COME BACK!!!"


very cute i love penguins so a 5$ from me


reminds me of opus wishing for wings that work!


i love penguins and this is one of the best designs i've seen here love!


Thanks for all the comments so far guys, I really appreciate them.

kenzie needs a life

thats cool. im blazing fast to buy it hahaha i like the balloon


$5, amazing shirt, great placement, favourite colour.


$5555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555.5 Love it.


I love it.

(then again, I love penguins, but STILL. This is cuute!!)


very cute! great idea.


these penguins that want to fly designs just keep on rolling in... not really original but i stil like the dsign and im gonna assume one is going to be printed... maybe yours 4


I'd tie the string around the penguin's body and not just one flipper or wing or whatever penguins have. Really cute idea. Anyone else ever read Opus' Christmas story "A Wish for Wings that Work"?


Guess who? I sit next to you in 5th period. :) AWW Thats cute! But the ice is so big. Actually I think the whole design is big. Maybe it'd look better if I saw it on a tshirt.. Regardless I support you!


I love it. It is too cute! $5


hehe so cute!

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