The crane wife


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thestateofthings profile pic Alumni

i really like the idea behind this.
the execution could have been much more elaborate. it seems much more like a concept than a finished design to me.
i personally dont like the placement of it on the shirt, but others might like it. the colouring scheme seems too flat/boring to me as well.

i hope this wasnt too harsh. i really fancy the idea/concept, but the execution doesnt really deserve much more than a $3 rating to me.


I think this is good, although I think it'd look better on an off white its a decemberists piece, so 5$.


It should have more contrasts in the colors. Otherwise, I like the design!


Ans"tail" (cant remember the word =P) should be longer:)


I think I'd like this wrapped around the other side better, and perhaps on another colour - more contrast, you know? But the design is lovely; I appreciate the simplicity.


Ah, never mind my placement comment, I wasn't looking at it correctly.

A Rose

beautiful design; would like to see it a little more bold :)


I love it, although an off white would look a little better.


agree with stateofthings. this design needs more detail. it's a good start. you should add texture to the wings and hair.


Decemberists. ♥
However, I agree with the comments about color and using a cream/natural tee. It would look fantastic in a dark red ink (or a couple different shades of red and orange) on a natural tee.


Very nice BUT it's meant to be based on The Island, not The Crane Wife.

But that's not stopping me from $4ing it ;-)


I love this design.But I am not so hot on the colors.What about the design on white with a black outline and red accents.

Dr. Elusis

I love the idea, but I also agree it needs more detail and does not go well on gold.


I like the style. Maybe it would have more of an impact if it were a bit bigger though? I don't think the colors should be made too overpowering.

el vez

i know what to do....youll see in a few days


The Decemberists = :D
I don't fancy the yellow, though.

Urban Ninja

Nice Design. Hate the yellow.


Gotta agree with others, I love the concept but
1. On white
2. With more colors/detail

I'd be really excited to buy this shirt if those changes were done to some degree, but either way good job.


i have been waiting for something like this forever! i wish it was alittle more detailed and larger. placement is great. colors are great. i love that its simple.


Just a question: Isn't the theme for this competition, "The Island"? That song has nothing whatsoever to do with The Crane Wife.

Hate to be a downer, but just noticing. The design itself is wonderful, but isn't related to the competition.


Like the design, not crazy about the color.


i love the idea (and the song) but i hate the color


Zaphikiel & GMMiles, from the contest details:
The Crane Wife’s unquestionable centerpiece is the 13-minute murder ballad “The Island,” with its subsections “Come and See,” “The Landlord’s Daughter,” and “You’ll Not Feel the Drowning.”


It's okay. I wouldn't buy it though. Well, I might if it were printed on a different color. Good concept. I love the Decemberists.

Recycledwax profile pic Alumni

just love that color and design! 5$


A Pretty Idea, but I would prefer it on a different background, perhaps Black with a White outline or vice versa.


Very pretty! And I love the positioning!! The design is a little too simplistic for my normal tastes, but I'd still buy this! $4!


I like this design, as I'm a big fan of Japanese culture, but it doesn't seem to embody the tale of the Crane Wife - which may start with a beautiful woman, but is about greed and ends in tragedy. Also, I would agree that the theme is The Island (as much as I wish it was The Crane Wife instead). All in all, more attention to detail and perhaps a face that isn't smiling.


Yay Decemberists! Change the color though. 5


Yeah, this doesn't have as much to do with the song "the Island..." as much. The placement is strange, but I do like the design.


Agree with thestateofthings.

Fire Eyed Boy

Nice design...go decemberists! :)


placement should be up on right breast and i think it needs more gradients.


I love the idea of wrapping the design around the shirt, but like it's been said it needs more. Maybe enlarging the design and having it take up more room on the shirt would solve the strange placement of the lady. Nice work, all the same.


I really like this idea, but perhaps it could be larger and more ornate?


good work...Buts its need more dark to stand out on t shirt


Love the art, but don't like the color or the placement.

a person

different colors

Montro profile pic Alumni

gorgeous $5


Move it a bit more towards the middle so that little sliver of her back is on the front of the shirt and its a $5.


On another color this would be a $ 5.


simple yet so elegant $5


the yellow is a bit...startling, but I love the illustration. I'll also say what I said to the other sub that was Crane Wife, and not the Island, specifically. Being that I like that song way more than "The Island" you get a 4 and kudos on being the first submission.


decemberists....absolutely delicious....5$

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