Quit Staring

  • by legofish
  • posted Nov 28, 2006

sorry what?

Watch this
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It took me a second to get it but now that I do this is hilarious! I like! And I wouldn't wear it but I would buy it for a computer nerd in my life.


would like to see some different shirt colour options.


close the windows? I'm not sur eif thats it


don't get it, but i still like it somehow


hmm, i don't know, would i ruin it by trying to explain it?


gaah, I don't get it. maybe you should explain it, since this is a design contest and not a riddle. :P


well here goes.
it's not a riddle really, it's probably a let-down after i explain.

it's basically old [ugly] Windows buttons and new [shiny] Windows buttons, with the new one staring at the old. If you're a Mac user then you woudln't get it. But if you've been a Windows user for the past 5-10 years then you should .... at least after reading this!


I think it's really funny now, but i wouldn't have got it without the explination; still a really good idea in my opinion.


haha its quite funny, love the concept, and i would get it for myself since mac people (or those who never noticed the change in windows) didnt get it =D


ha, this is actually what I was thinking it means, but it looks like the minimize button is talking to the tilted one next to it, and not the grey ones on the left. confused me a little. maybe you should make it more obvious, that the old windows buttons are looking at the new design.


the "X" button on the new side should be red


halo8, the minimize button "is" talking to the tilted one next to it. It's telling it to quit staring at "old people" cuz it's not nice to stare.

Lefty, that would break the 4-color limit rule. It's already using 4 colors not counting the white, that's why it can only be printed on white shirts (answers morganian as well).


Aaah, d'oh. See, I thought that old windows is jealous at sleak new windows. Nevermind, I'm slow. :D (Oh and you can use 5 colours now.)


i definitely got it... very funny indeed., great concept


cute. i like it but maybe on a different shirt color


I got it, and I'm a Mac user. :-P Cute.


I got it without the explanation! HE HE HE it's hilarious. A different color shirt would ruin the whole point. Man this is funny on all levels.


legofish, Threadless is allowing 5 colors until Jan 1st 2007. So maybe you could redo it with 5 colors and resubmit. If you do resubmit, then I think you should turn the speech balloons' tail toward the minimize button. I thought the full-open button (middle blue) was the one talking.


i thought it may be a boob joke somehow at first, but then i realized that the maximize wasn't the one talking...
i'd fix the text bubble...
or maybe rework to be a boob joke.


Haha, took me a while. I LOVE IT. Though I'll probably gift it for a nerd.


at first I also thought that the button was talking to the one next to him, but telling him to quit starting. After your explanation I got it, and it's funny. Maybe not so straight, but funny


I understood very well and Im even a mac user. Maybe you could turn the minumize button to be looking at the other buttons, then the full screen button could be saying it.

Things you could work on could be using black or blue or grey as your t shirt and then manipulating the design colors to work with that shirt color. You could also think of a more dynamic design or environment that they are in. Maybe less linear. I like the idea its sort of funny.\ in a quirky little way.


Yes also took me a while to get. But I did it before the official explanation. I am so proud of myself! You could totally put this on a black tshirt without violating the 4 clours rule.


Love it.

ozrict two

whats with the mac user dissing going on around here huh? just cuz i got a mac im stoopid? its like mac-racism... i'm gonna call the aclu


I thought that it was a breast joke. It works as one as well.


I got it immediately. Great, for us nerds at least.

nonolarson profile pic Alumni

Héhé really nice. ^^


that's boo-ie
with your GUIs


it's staring because they're old? I thought it was supposed to be: the maximize window and the minimize window are in a relationship and the minimize window is jealous because the maximize window is staring at another girl/guy


I use both and wish macs had a "no 3d eye-candy buttons" options. I still rock windows with the old 98 style. Hollerific.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

i thought this was another play on the fact that guys stare at the middle section of a lady walking down the street, and the guy window icons were checking out the girl icons, so that when people would see the "stop staring" they'd think that they had been caught looking at some boobies. Anyway, none of the explanations on this page make this design any more interesting. I think there is just not enough to it, and no amount of re-design would get your point across easily and with more oomph. sorry.


I got it the first time I saw it. Good idea.


I absolutely love this, and got it without your explanation. However, like what Helo said, I think the tail should be pointing to the minimize button, because I got the impression that the maximize button was the one speaking.

I love it! =]


Geek. I'm buying this.


Maybe it would make more sense if the old button was saying "quit staring" or if the (new)minimize button was the one staring and the (new)maximize button was telling the minimize to "quit staring -- The way you have it, it looks like the (new)maximize button is staring at the (new)minimize button, and the (new)minimize button doesn't want to be stared at. The other buttons seem superfluous.


it's cute =)


after you explained it i got it, my X button is red though :(


Haha, I enjoyed the joke :)
Yea, I think it'd be a good improvement if the x was red.




i like it - but instead of "quit staring", maybe "its rude to stare"


and top line of the staring box should be lined up differently- at the same angle as the bottom one.

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