Cannon in T

This is my first real attempt at a design. I hope to bring humor and safistication to an all time low. Enjoy!

Watch this

gross, i wouldnt wear it


i don't mind the graphic nature of this though

The Sam

sort of hard to see design with all the white


This is the funniest thing that i have seen in a long time!


I think this is great! Love the idea an the colors. I would buy it for my mother. She always leaves a cannonball in the toilet so she can relate to this.


Great name to go with the great design. I'm sure there are a lot of people who can relate to this. (different shirt color maybe. more color options will earn you a $5.)


It's possible to see it as someone levitating in front of a toilet instead of someone about to attempt a cannonball splash in a toilet. Maybe have a multiple exposure look to it like this photo.


nice, good use of negetive space.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

at first i thought it looked like a guy levitating near a toilet. Which is kinda amusing in itself.


awesome! great!!


i couldnt work out what his shadow was on the ground at first. Nice artwork tho

The Ending

amazing! Lose the shadow 5$

Jonny Whishbone

nickbradshawjr, well done! I realy like this one. Had been long time, that I could give a design more than 0. This one is 5 and cash!! Thanxs for this one.


i don't think some people here get's a play on words on the song commonly referred to as "cannon in D". it's often played at weddings, you've all heard it. D is the key the song is in. this song is in T. if you still don't get it you're dense.

clever design.


is he levitating?


It comes off to me as being very artsy for a just play on words and a joke. I'm not sure how to take it.

I Sing the Body Electric

hmmm, funny, but I think you it is a little hard to tell he is moving, give his shadow a little bit of a motion blur, or do the little lines that indicate movement, other than that, excellent


Strange, I don't think it's a very good wordply on Canon in D. Sorry. It's would be interesting by itself, random and surreal, but it doesn't make sense without the lame little pun.


I like it, but I just can't stop thinking about how much that guy is going to hurt his legs diving into a toilet too small for him. If it were just a tiny bit bigger it'd be ok. Maybe it's just me...

gadget arms

I like the way it's drawn, but I don't particularly want to wear a shirt with a toilet on it... Especially not when someone is diving into it.


for some reason I thought he was sad or afraid of the toilet and just hiding in a corner...and after reading all the comments it makes sense


owch. that would hurt A LOT unless he was really, really small. yuck. fun idea tho.

maybe change the height of the guy. no one can jump like that.


Nice graphic! One of the best drawings I've seen on far.


I don't want to be an asshole, but the shirt looks exactly like what it is supposed to look like. I have no problems with it. People analyze way to much. Just look at the shirt and know what it is. It's not that hard. NICE WORK! I would surely buy it if you made one of me doing a corkscrew or a preacher's seat into the T! I'm out!


Great Tshirt!! A $5


I want it NOW! :D


I see this shirt being popular among the college crowd. Others would like it for the artistic value. I'd buy it without a doubt.




hahahahahahahaha great idea

try a few action lines instead of a shawdow


I don't like the shadows under the guy and toilet, but nifty otherwise.


The shadow the guy's casting confused me a little at first, but I like the concept :D


it's very funny, but with the placement or lack of indication of movement it's kinda hard to tell that's what it is.


my first impression was "Toilet Plunger"

awesome, you get a gold star.

Ice V. Thunder

So many overly judgemental and artsy people on this thing. "I don't get it" or "you need streaks to show that he is in motion." I don't know about you but my shadow doesn't have streaks all over its back, but my toilet does. You exceed my expectations for outerwear and also the intelligance of this online community. I applaud your skills, keep it coming Mr. Bradshaw.


haha yes. 5


I looks like he's sitting in the corner in the fetal position after missing the the bowl.. or something

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