ghandi says "stop the violence"

  • by jweb3d
  • posted Nov 24, 2006

i have never saved anything as a .gif before hopefully i didn't ruin the quality of the design and people see it for what it is worth.

In a time where violence is prevalent, I decided it is time to break the norm and move away from the violence that fuels alot of the artists, actors, and musicians. For some reason peace doesn't seem to be "in style" hopefully people can take off the "stop snitchin" tee's and the "i got it cheap" shirts and to put it simply "stop the violence".

Watch this
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Very 1991, stop the violence. Ghandi says you better come correct and stop snitchin', or else he'll have to clown mouth a fool.

PS: Violence is pretty kick ass entertainment.


This is hardcore. $5, I would seriously consider buying it.


i know this is Ghandi, but from the small icon my first thought was 2pac. not a criticism just a funny happen stance.


I just found out that when he was fasting he had young virgins brought to him b/c they were the only thing that could keep him healthy...yeah not so interested in wearing that guy on my chest


The only thing this is missing is bubbles.... lots and lots of bubbles.


i hope ghandi wasnt racist that destroyes the concept


why does ghandi's love of virgins deter u from my shirt design?


Gandhi was not racist. As for virgins, I've never heard of that, and right now I am just finishing up a semester-long colloquium on Gandhi so I've read a fair amount about him, including some less-than-flattering things, but no one said anything about virgins. Maybe question your sources?? For Gandhi the purpose of fasting was to renounce the physical needs of his body in order to be detached from the material world and therefore closer to God. But he was definitely not racist. He was primarily concerned with the fate of Indians rather than other people, since he was from India, but he believed strongly in the equal value of all people and all religions, and he worked hard to abolish untouchability in India.


That said, I like the idea of having Gandhi on a shirt, but I don't like the double-vision effect of your design, it makes my eyes hurt. I'd also say lose the text!


thanks for the info and critique ill keep it in mind


also, it's gandhi, not ghandi.


its rad. gandhi was a coolness monster. ♥


I really don't like the shadows on Ghandi's face. It makes me sort of dizzy like looking at a 3-D comic without the special glasses. Otherwise a pretty rockin tee.


looks kind of cafepress to me


what is a cafe press


okay i found out its a website can someone explain the cafepress comment, im trying to understand the criticsm to hopefully improve the designs i submit but i dont understand is there anyone that can elaborate on weet woogies comment


i really like this one. a lot.

Baron von Aaron

lhercher.. if you lose the text, then it's just a picture of gandhi on a shirt. and that's just stupid.


Gandhi says "Stop the nauseating drop shadow before someone pukes on me!"


kill the shadow. KILL IT! SHOW IT NO MERCY!


I love this shirt...Ghandi rocks!! woooooohoooooooo!!!!!!!


Well, I'm East Indian and I grow up in India. Gandhi didn't like black people as does most indians. And he surrounded himself with little boys all the time. And the majority of indian dislike Gandhi for that. This of course coming from my elders.

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