Mother Earth

  • by MahiMahi
  • posted Nov 24, 2006

I've been dying to illustrate this concept for quite some time; you know, the whole life/birth/mother nature deal~ Sadly, the low res file really doesn't do her hair justice ._.

First submission here, I hope you guys enjoy

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Four heart nipples! But seriously, really pretty. Nice earth womb

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

I think this would work a lot better with center placement. It's not doing it for me down there. I like the illustration. It's a little too symetrical for my tastes though. The thing coming out from the left....not really sure what it is or why it's there. I'll give it a 3 though. It's good, but it could be great.


I like the concept, but not sure about this? something just dosen't seem right.


the eyes look really weird. I think they're too far apart and not big enough. and maybe too high on her face


there's somethi8ng in her eyes that scares me...




her hair is drawn so beautiful. but like someone said something about it is off. id love to see more from you in this style


i love how you did her hair, the tree and the earth. i do agree that something about her eyes could be changed... maybe just closed? and i'm not sure what that blue thing is, but i don't think it looks bad. overall though i think this is pretty cool!

A Rose

beautifully drawn but her face looks so somber!


Great hair, but I would take out the "sun" behind. Nice illustration.


nice concept - she must have really small nips...

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

I really like the concept of this, though I do think that it could be executed a little better. I agree with FRAGOSO about removing the sun... but wow I love how you did her hair, and like I said... absolutely love the concept.


hmmm... maybe close her eyes. this is beautiful though. not something i'd wear but i think others would.

Some Person

To tell you the thruth.... i love the eyes. The entire thing is stunning and i gave it a 5. $ if the 70's motif sun was removed.


I dig the placement


I love the Delirium-esque eyes, the illustration itself is fantastic.


Eyes are scary, close them might be good.


take out the sun thing please


i like the concept and the earth womb but her eyes seem empty and that isn't how i would picture her at all


I would like this centered, without the sun, and perhaps with different eyes (closed? more realistic?). I love the idea, though, and you are a great illustrator! I'd buy it.

herky profile pic Alumni

nice illustration, especially the hair.


I think eyes closed would be better, more serene perhaps. i like the placement and love the style, and i actually like the "sun," though i thought it was more like the cosmos or something.


Eyes closed, I'm not a big fan of the hearts, and the sun thing is a bit distracting, but your style is gorgeous. Submit more stuff!


I would close her eyes, I LOVE everything else though


i just got the shirt, then i read the title. then i was like oh i should have read the title. kay im done. This is a really nice shirt :) 5


she kinda looks fat, but I know that's not the point. I would buy it if she was more slender...


eyes make mother nature the opposite of, well, natural. she looks robotic.


I love the hair, but I hate the eyes. And I think her stomach is too much of an elipse; a pregnant woman extends forward, not outwards. It doesn't fit for me mostly because of that. Also, I agree that the satellite-thing looks very odd and out of place. I would love something more organic or even flora-based there instead. I love the concept though.


i agree that the eyes need work.. make them more oval-like.. more eye-shaped. but i like having one green and one blue. don't change that. and i disagree with vandaley3s.. i like that she's more round.


she's a lil hairier then i like in a woman. but still good design.


I would put it in the center. But ill buy it even if it not. $5


The whole idea of birth freaks me out, a lot...I don't like the whole womb thing, but it's a good illustration.


love the c0lors,
but im not a fan of nakedness.


i love everything except her eyes are super creepy


i like it
but her eyes are kind of creepy
and whatever those bubble/planet looking things next to her can go


Personally, I would place the earth to cover up her boobs and leave the womb thing out. It just doesn't look right. Then after looking at the wombed earth, you look up at the tree and you realize it looks like pubes. I would have you use her hands to hold the earth. Without her holding it, she seems disengaged from what is going on. Make the eyes the same color, because that's freaky. The hair is gorgeous though. Good idea, needs revitilizing. Maybe the next idea would be a $5


I like. Eyes are freaky though lol.


really nice illustration. However the green and blue doesn't match with the other colors.

ozrict two

I like her creepy eyes.


Great design all around. I wouldn't wear it around on a t-shirt, but it's definitely something I would frame.


I dig the colors.. wouldn't change too much with this


clever design! too bad we're destroying her.


The concept isn't kicking my ass but your drawing style is. How about some cute 60's mod girls for your next sub?


wow! in the midlle!


maybe if you gave her some human feeling in her eyes, or a closed eyes (^ __ ^) that would make her look content with the thought of being mother to the world, instead of a demon possessed forced with empty eyes. You know? Hahahaha, if that makes any sense at all. But whoa, you get big kudos for originality and design. The mother womb is beautiful. $5


Yeah the eyes are...em...quite sad and distrubing. Is that the desired effect? Otherwise a fab fab design. $5.


without the weird blob next to her head, $5 i like the placement of the earth in her womb a lot.


i didn't get that she was pregnant until i read your initial comment. i just thought she had a huge box. i don't think the color choice enhances the design.


I like the design but I don't like the placement or the shirt color.

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