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I haven't seen any shirt designs with manatees, so I thought I would start the manatee movement.

Watch this

gotta love the sea cow

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you don't see anyone pimping out tapeworm illustrations either, but that aint a reason to always start a new animal movement. These are nicely drawn, but there is nothing to really get me excited about wearing manatees on my chest yet. Maybe if they were holding a shirt of themselves like in your interface...


thats coool.


my wife ould buy this she loves manatees! and has a mantaee shit already so another one would be great!


oops the was meant to read Should buy this & has a manatee shiRt already, damn crappy keyboard!!!


Frickin Awesome I will get right on making that tapeworm shirt for you.


someone posted a manatee shirt not long ago, but I don't think it went well... I do like your manatee, but I really think there should be something more... Don't know exactly what tho.


I thought of having some kelp, and now that i think about it I probably should have. Thanks for the comments everyone


i heard that the manatees are responsible for the mermaid the way, i like the design $4


That's a manatee. Or what we call it in nautical terms: the sea cow.


Maybe it should be Mana-Tease and the female manatee could wear something slutty and then not put out. Could play off the mermaid aspect.


Sounds like you are a pervert truddick.


but thanks for the vote anyways.

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My bf and I were talking about your design last night and we thought it would be fantastic if you had a shirt FULL of manatees... sort of the way people have bird shirts with huge flocks of birds. Give it a thought? 'Cause we would definitely buy it.


valor and vellum, that is a damn good idea. I will have to work on something like that over the thanksgiving holiday


i like it how it is, it just needs a different t shirt color. i like the flock of manatees idea too, but it has to be big!


I like this, and I'd wear it even though it seems a bit lacking. I really like the illustration style.


cool beans^-^
so simple... i love it

TV Trays

yes, just yes!

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Heck. Yes. When you resub, it will be a 5 and buy, that's for sure.

wahDuhpp fooh

oh my god. my friend is gonna be obsessed with this. i will send it to her.


I too have a friend who likes fact, I put it on her birthday cake....she would buy AT LEAST one of these just the way they are.

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i'm STILL waiting for that tapeworm sub, man.


ooh... print it. now. or else i will sic my rabid manatees on you. just kidding...


hehehehe i wish there was a speech bubble and it said MOO.

but i think i'm like the only person who would like that.


Manatees are the best! I like it a lot!


Everyone bow down to FRICKINAWESOME. He is the ruler of the monarchy and the king of the T-Shirt Movement.

lil ruddick

I like it big brother...and if you win I better get one for free!


Jackass....Your shirt reminded me of the wonderful manatees I saw in Florida. Keep up the artistic talent. Madre


I love manatees.


Thanks for voting everyone. I have two more days left so tell everyone you know that might like manatees to register and vote.


The dutch word is zeekoe, literary: seacow. I love it.


slapping pictures of manatees on a shirt does not instantly make it clever. i like manatees, sure, but this needs a joke to make it good.

Annie the Pug

YAY! I like manatees! I think this is very very cool. 5$
lovely drawing style...the sketchy look is my fave part.

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