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  • by Samtricks
  • posted Nov 11, 2006

If you want to become better and get better senses, buy this t-shirt, update everydays :p.

(You can have all the color you want, don't worry about that ;))

Watch this



The percentages aren't displayed accurately.

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I like it but the font, I think it's cooper, does not really suit the subject. Maybe just a simple sans serif font like helvetica would be good.

Another color, maybe for the progress bar, would be good. possibly a pink, light blue or a red.


What about temperature and pain? There are more than five sense.


yeah, different font. cooper is way over used.


great! original!! good luck!Paul


i agree, not a big fan of the font


use dif font. other than that, its cool


New font. Nice shirt.


Temp, Pain, and Texture are all components of touch MooseDinner, just like Sweet and Salty are of taste, or loud and High are of sound, Bright is of sight, etc. Sorry.


i was just gonna say that


Good idea but needs work. Would be cool in more colour (eg. things not full more orrange, things full more green, writing/box outlines in blue) and looking more square and pixelated, like an old computer game.


oops, orange, not orrange. yah....

Baron von Aaron

i don't think the font matters

i'd buy it


I love this. Reminds me of The Sims a little bit, and it made me smile.

A definate buy, if it gets through. :D


5 + $ if you make it a pixel font on #00ffa5 bg color ( R 0, G 255, B 150).


Err those are two dif. colors (oops) but a vibrant greenish-tad bit of blue... you get the idea


You could also put in some fictional senses too.

Examples: Seeing the future, telepathy or something like that, seeing dead people, sensing energy or something, etc....


moose dinner : temperature and pain are part of the sense 'touch/feeling'.

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Yeah, the font is really not... suitable. Also, I SO WISH that there were some sort of deeper meaning behind this, I can so see it being a statement of how maybe our eyes take over at the expense of other senses, or w/e. Dunno, this design in itself leaves me a little empty.


There are more senses (eg balance), but I do love this idea- 4

Monkey II
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nice one!

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