citizen of existence

realize role in manufacturing of desire. fickle veneers beget self imposed distances. the minds eye reveals a superior individual collective. is life led fulfilling or full of filler? fabled talk of control gives way to life lost. psychological charades veil darkness with consent. light will strengthen with resolve. whence shall you persist?

created for all in the hopes of helping foster interest in awareness.

Watch this

I appreciate the incredible illustration, but it sort of looks like an advertisement for something.


I read that 5 times. The text is good (for a poetry club open mic nite), but the design does not reflect the supposed depth of your ruminations.


i like the non traditional way of looking at the continents.

change agent

i agree sputnik but thats because they weren't created with each other in mind rather they were thoughts on a similar subject expressed in different ways.

its a dymaxion map btw ;p


ugh malcontents and art, they are married aren't. Nice design but I get the indea of a James Bondish, global spy thing or maybe "Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego?" I love that game


two thumbs up, and a booty bump!


tricksie: maybe an advertisement for citizen watches? I love the map, but not the text or the guy


Cool, but work on text layout. And maybe make the exkt more suitable for a shirt..? Just my opinion


drop the words inside the guy and i'm totally buying 4


I agree with aprettiergreen!


add more flames and pinstripes and you = win


i really like the map, and the text "question... etc."

but i actually would get rid of the guy, or at least the "citizen: empower humanity"... all that feels a little corporate and branded.


looks good, what would it look like w/ lower front/side placement?


I love the world map, but I'm not a fan of slogans or words, particularly if they remind me of a brand. I'd like to see the world map in the style that you have done - the 'tartan dots' are fantastic - but on a bigger scale and wrapped around a t-shirt, so it's all over the front of the shirt and going onto the side and over the back as well. That would be awesome!


I would change the font and the color of the shirt to something more eyecatching but everything else is AWESOME


i love the map.


I love it....I would buy it!

.onion profile pic Alumni

i love the map!

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