The Evolution of Yú

  • by Shipwreck
  • posted Nov 08, 2006

The concept of this design is the evolution of the character yú (fish) from it's archaic form (the pictograph on the bottom left of the design) to the modern character used today (the character on the bottom right of the design). All the characters in between the two are the various changes it went through over many years.

Watch this

Pretty sweet, but why Fish? Why not Tree or Horse (which is also pretty interesting)?


Aeeee: You'd be asking the exact same question if it was a tree or a horse.


wow...this is incredible...the fish design...the caligraphy...
magnificent...i love it on black


the fish kinda looks like a seal

Jenny Bunns

I like the character concept :)


cool idea layout could be beter


I really like this design, 5$


an idea behind the idea - brilliant


Very pretty :) $5


Nice, but a little too "Target," I think.


Very interesting concept. I like the colors you chose.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

thedarrien, I don't think Target would have any idea on what to do with this thought-provoking, complex concept entangled on this shirt. "what smells like fish?!?!" under this entry and you've got a date with target's inventory impressario faster than you can puke at the awfulness of that idea. I love seeing the evolution of any theory or idea over the years, and this design really brings this idea together quite well; although i don';t think the large circle and the fish sign AGAIN needs to be done- just let the evolution chart on the bottom speak for the concept.


i agree, at first glance it looks way too commercialized, and a first glance is all most people you walk by on the path are going to give it. nice idea, though at first i was looking at the characters and going, "what? rocketship -- fish --wine glass -- sake cup --- actual chinese character " ? not necessarily clear that it's an evolution of the character, unfortunately


I know that the meaning of this shirt wouldn't be apparent to most at a glance. But I thought the beauty of each character might be intriguing enough. And perhaps incite some dialogue between the passerby and the wearer...


I like it a lot and think your idea is a good one!

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I really like the idea behind this as well as the execution. The fish looks absolutely fantastic, and the colors you chose work really well with it. The only thing that bugs me on this is that the kanji on the bottom seems too big and perhaps a little too distracting.... Is it just me? I'd buy this if I saw it in a store though, kanji or not. I really like it. :)


Pretty. maybe without the characters at the bottom. A little too thrifty that way...


Regardless of whether or not someone understands the depth of meaning in the design, I think they have to appreciate it for its visual appeal. I think the meaning behind the design is creative and I like the concept of a shirt inciting dialogue between strangers...adds something to it.


basically, Chinese is awesome.


I would buy this for my chinese teacher, because I recognized the character even without the fiiiish. Yes!

But it kind of looks like something you would find in a museum goftshop. It's verrrry well done, but it just has that certain style.


Love it! Would defintely buy it :o)

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