Significant Brothers

I hope everyone likes the play on words. I thought it was pretty funny.

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bananaphone profile pic Alumni

nice illustration but its not so much a play on words when what you write becomes something completely different.

Jesse Mack
Jesse Mack profile pic Alumni

so THAT'S how it is in your family.


Uh... I don't know what you were going for here, but the implication is incest.

Mike Laughead
Mike Laughead profile pic Alumni

Incest? I was not going for that at all... does everyone think that? I don't see the hugging as sexual at all.


i think its sweet- people get your mind out of the gutters!


i like the background colour in the illo...

Mikey Cyborg

i think the incest is inferred from the connotation of 'significant others'

but HEY, who does'nt like incest?
I mean come on!
oh and $5


yeah...I see this as being incestuous as well. It is a play on words of significant other (which by definition is a romantic relationship). I don't particularly like the play on words and I think the whole design is a bit week mainly because of content.

Mike Laughead
Mike Laughead profile pic Alumni

My wife just told me that she thought it implied incest and that's why she tried to get me to change the design... I guess I'm a moron. I still think the shirt is funny.


Hehehe your wife your brother? I kid, I kid.


i thought "brother" meant "friend." like slang. the design is great.


drop the guys hugging with all the hearts floating around -- the background is where it's really happenin' ! flying robots! birds wearing hats! monkey in unitard! red rabbit boy in PJs! those are some cool characters


I like all that extra stuff flying around. Robots, birds, rabbits and monkeys. They all rock. ot to sure about those hugging brothers and that big heart though... You've got some skills, loose those brothers, and I would definitely wear this..

Eric Dyck got to listen to your wife!

My wife is my #1 fan/ #1 critic. I love the design, and I'd be happy to wear it even if it got me beat up.


I didn't take the design as incestuous because I assumed that "brothers" was more in the friendly sense rather than the literal. I thought it was a cute pride shirt actually lol

Ghost in the Ears

This style with close bilateral symmetry, cartoon figures and lots of random images flying around is very played out.

Mike Laughead
Mike Laughead profile pic Alumni

There are some really good critiques here. Thanks for them. I planned this shirt to be something that could be considered "gay" but could also be read as "not gay in a funny way". I guess it didn't come across perfectly.

Ghost in the Ears, my next design that is waiting for approval does not use bilateral symmetry, nor does it have random images flying around. I hope you like it better.


No keep these fun-loving guys! Keep everything! I like it just the way it is and I would love to wear this on the streets of Berlin!5$!


Keep this all exactly the same, I want it I want it I want it! This is love. Pure and total love! Love the picture, love the wordplay, just...are we sensing a theme here? LOVE IT!!!

staffell profile pic Alumni

incest was my first thought too


i like it.. but people ruin stuff like this. i dont think i could wear it being a twin and all. i though gay.. i dunno. not for me. but great illustration.. too bad people suck.


who cares if it seems "incestuous" because it's not like people are going to see your shirt and think "oh i bet they have sex with their siblings" people would laugh. . .

unless you really do have sex with your siblings. . .then don't buy it because it would be akward.


I like the design, but yes, my mind went straight to the gutter. It's a nice design though, and I look forward to your next submission!


i think its another form to say "i´m gay" hahaha if someone wears it... i totally wouldn´t!!


against gays. 0

sorry :) nothing personal

herky profile pic Alumni

great characters and colors


i would like it more if there were no words....5


Incest? This is so awesome.


Yeah, I definitely thought incest. Sorry.


i also see it as implying homosexuality, not so much incest. cute idea, though.


It's cute. But I don't get it at all.


Incest? No. I saw it immediately as joke about "significant lovers" who are often confused as "brothers."


a bit too much fancy lad/nancy boy for me to wear. Your art isnt bad though.


I am intrigued and I cannot look away but I am not sure how many people boy of girl would wear this. But it certainly is good for a laugh and still a lot better than someother stuff

.onion profile pic Alumni

The first thought that popped into my head was "gay," because I thought of brothers as like... really REALLY close buddies. They're cuddling. Haha, but I do like your style :P


It seems a little bit busy.


if you did a shirt with just the cutesy animals and shapes..
no people or words. i'd so buy it. make more like it. i LOVES it. p.s. i think its a cute pride shirt too.


Hey Mike, thanks for convincing the internet that we are gay lovers.

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