• by Edetsu
  • posted Oct 28, 2006

hehehe i know you didn´t like my last desgin with the same theme, but what can I say, i love them, and if a i can i would make a 20 meters sculpture like the one in the shirt ... well, thats too much even for me, but i hope you like it and i hope comments!!!

Watch this

this is perdy SWEET! the little bunny looks rather evil, and I love it. 5$ all the way!


it might be more kickass without the text. but still....4$


what does the text mean?


Yeah man, dump the text... love the rest!!


I like the text but not the placement, and maybe you could use a more scratchy font that would go with the illustration style. I love the tortured artist bunny! Snazzyninja, it means something like "life is short, art is long"...right???


It's great, I love the picture and text


I think it's Latin, yeah. Life is short, art is long or lasts. I basically agree with alizarine.


I love this! I would either remove the text.. or maybe put it somewhere else on the shirt in a different font?


super awesome great (without text)


great illustration....


hehehehe i think youre all right. I've just saw it here and i i tought i can put the test maybe, very litle on the bottom or in a sleave maybe. An yeah, i like the frase Ars Longa vita brevis - art is long, life's short and is in latin. Maybe it seumes many of the things i like to do, and without trying to be a philosofer, maybe the bunnie try to conserve the spirit of bunny for the eternity. (¿!¡?). Is your choice. What does mean that for you??


i'd buy it just for the latin


this is great...just like pygmalion


Reminds me of Easter Island. Or Rapa Nui, for all of us Anthropology folks. Wonderful though.


actually i like the text! && the bunnies are pretty rad too! im just gonna go ahead && say 5!!!!!

Annie the Pug

Love it as is, except a different font for the words would be better. 5$


cool $5


i titled one of my art shows "ars longa vita brevis" it definatly works with the graphics but i'm not sure about the text placement. and it definatly has a dunny influence but you get a 5$


I agree: scratchier font face would look better, especialy if it was placed on the sleeve...


ix-nay on the ext-tay

But I love Latin...

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