Caution Breakdancers

  • by thebabe_2
  • posted Oct 26, 2006

i was working on something similar. i like it. lol 5

Watch this

make sure its printed on the right color or it wont look to good.

wild bill

Thanks, its not realy an original idea but its still cool


This is an awful like the Wetfloor sub from about a week ago. But it looks SO much slicker (no pun) that I can't hold it against it. 5


this is awesome....i love it love it love it

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

in case of wet floor...break dance? maybe there shoulod be a reflection on the ground with the sign guy doing some sweet breaking move, being very subtle and fun.

wild bill

the floor is not wet, its the breakdancers you have to watch out for.

wild bill

people who comment are awesome


HAHAHAHA. i love it. good job


concept is great. design needs work


like it, but he looks like he is falling, not breakin. maybe give him a more breakin style pose, and maybe some cardboard.


not cool, not cool. i submitted this same idea to torsopants back in 2005.

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