Elephants don't belong in Alaska

Watch this

looks cold! :-)


I live in Alaska...pats Maggie I haven't been to the zoo in a while though. One lone elephant does seem a bit sad. I'd much rather they gave her an elephant friend though, instead of taking her away....

Anyway, I like the shirt, though something about the font I don't like...I love the choice of color tho =)


cut ebut is there some other way to put the text?


sort out the text, its not a great font and its boxed in too tightly.


the font is to big make it smaller and different, less happy pops into my head if it's the thing you're going for. but yeah LOVE the concept of it! would totally buy it! $5


I went to the site, it's sad how Maggie's all lonely, or as it's put, "solitary confinement." I'll give a 5 to this shirt in full support to allow that elephant to be released to a different institution to be with other elephants. =)

Devil Dancer

I like the design, but the subject is too obscure.


pepermont, marcoman, ally17: The reason for the placement / coloring of the typeface on this design is because I was limited to 1 color and a very small section to actually make this shirt (the idea before was to make a load of them and give the profit to Friends of Maggie. Limiting the color and placement made it cheaper, but we didn't have quite enough funds to complete that project, hence the submission.)

devil dancer: I completely agree that the subject is too obscure, and that's actually why we built the design for this shirt. The idea was that we could wear it and get people talking about this poor elephant that is so out of her element, and alone. loneliness and depression is a really big deal, and we were hoping to avoid at least some of it, even if it weren't for human beings.


this so could be political! i love it :]

RAISEnoCHICKEN profile pic Alumni

Inside jokes should probably stay there.


I love elephants...great shirt


heyyy goood

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