• by redrabbit
  • posted Oct 26, 2006

I actually do like this... about time. ;)

Watch this

love it but i am kinda uncertain about the layout. It looks kinda weird to me

4 and buy


$$$$5$$$$$ I hope this gets printed, i am sick of seeing those damn 'popped' collars!


the bottom tile should be centered


I like popped collars, but the shirt is very well - drawn and carried out. But really, why does every social elitist have to put things down just because everyone else does them? Ever heard of a fad?


I'd suggest either putting all three boxes in the same row or centering the last one, but $5 regardless. those damn things need to go away.


my friend has the popped collar issue

he keeps saying the wind blew it up


i agree with tynicia. great idea!


This is a fashionable solution to an unfashionable problem. Collars aren't meant to be popped, in my opinion.


awesome idea- though i agree with the people above.. should have all 3 in a row.. not one rouge on bottom.

band-it profile pic Alumni

say no to boxes.


i like it at the bottom, its different. (gawd, people who wear their collars up are gay)

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

this is pretty poorly laid out...


I love the positioning of the third box. It caught my eye in a good way. =)


is the text going to be on the tee? if it is, I'd make it darker
its really hard to see
and i agree with the comments about the placing of the third box


Yep, 3 in a row ftw.


thanks for all the sweet comments and suggestions.

i originally had them 3 in a row, but i felt that it looked too bland so i switched it up a bit... dunno, just something different. link to all-on-the-same row version.

the text wasnt meant to appear on the sub, but i must have accidentally left it there because i can't see some colours properly on my shitty notebook screen unless i tilt it. just pretend it isn't there.


I need it so bad please print this! 5$

The Ending

i like the lay out. makes it more original


i think there should be 4 squares, and the last one the guy has a thumbs up or something, but it's still way cool.




haha, i love this. $5$5$5. and i love it that collar popping losers like dgttc hate it. print this now.

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You could DEF do something cool with a fourth caption, or i agree with those above me and put them all on the same row. A fourth caption with possibly some women sillouhettes, flashing a big thumbs up sign, or something equally retarded showing that you have graduated from the "mom doesn't dress me anymore!" fashion fauxpaws. and yes, i meant to spell it that way.


funny, i dont understand why you guys all love this... i mean, obviously collar poppers do suck, but the design of this - i just dont think its cool/fresh/tight/whatev at all!


I love this shirt and hope that it spurs a new fashion trend. My only suggestion would be to consider changing the layout.

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I looked at your in-a-row version, and it's definitely better. But what if you centered the third square under the other two, like some people have suggested? That might be more interesting. The square underneath could also be bigger than the other two.


OH MY GOODNESS!! i want this shirt so badly you see i got to a small private school and tons of losers do this and i try to stop them but they do not know of what they do... Thank you! i hope you get it printed i would def be buying it!


YES! Popped collars must die. But was there suppose to be a 4th square? The uncentered squares take away from the design. Love this. $5


Popped Collars = Lame. This shirt, however =/= Lame. MONEYFIVE.


i like the position of the third box - its different & great.



i wouldnt buy it, but it made me laugh.


keep the locations; its awesome


Yeah, either all in one row, or center the bottom one


i like the design but the layout of the boxes is kind of weird. maybe all three should be in one horizontal/vertical line or at least bottom one centered. still, $4.


make it for a tie, i'd like to know how to make that frikin' knot ... :(


It's not the collars that need to disappear, it's the people wearing the shirts. Great design


All the boxes need to be in one line, I think. It doesn't really flow as is.

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