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Nov 12 month club shirt selling on eBay

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Thanks man. I might get it if it doesn't go over $25.


Someone outbid me on the XL Emotional Trip that was up a day ago. Sniffle.


yeah, i bid on a L Emotional Trip a while ago...thing ended up going for like 40 bucks, it's crazy. I really want that shirt, but jeez!


do people really bid that high for threadless shirts?


people really do. esp. for the harder to find out of print stuff.


hmm.... wonder how much i could get for a medium Death By Music (worn no more then 3 times) and a Kaki FITA...


i've really only just started doing the threadless shirts on ebay thing, but from watching other auctions and selling a couple shirts, it's pretty unlikely that you wouldn't at least make your money back.

i think there's like a timing element involved, there was a bunch of fita on ebay right before they reprinted it last time. it's kinda like watching the stock market in a really nerdy way.

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