Hey! Cheer up, kid! I've got some colors even you

  • by Kolb
  • posted Oct 20, 2006

my only deal is that I'm a canuck, and therefor wouldn't buy this.

Watch this
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p.s. in canada we spell it with a "u"


That's interesting .. I had no idea :)


Wouldn't buy it, simply cos there's no "u"


maybe two versions? people would make fun of me if there was no 'u' in the word


Sure i can make 2 versions!
How come everybody's Canadian? ;)


I think I'll post "Everybody's a Canadian" as a type tee..
Hope that's not an old pun ;)


I'd rather it had the U (and I'm from the good ol' USA). If anyone gave me lip about it, I'd just say "It's a Canadian shirt, douchebag" and they'd be stunned.

apples mcfresh

i think its pretty sick, i wouldnt wear it tho cause im a guy, but its well done.

apples mcfresh

i think its pretty sick, i wouldnt wear it tho cause im a guy, but its well done.


haha everybodys canadian. that would be really funny. i'm not, and here in the US thats how we spell colors :o)

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this is much better.

She's Fake

I like it, but I, too, would like it spelled "colour." I'm from the USA.

Pesto Bong

We spell it with a U in the UK, too.


i spell it with a "u" and i'm from the usa.


hrm, I guess you could add more to the design....it's a tad bit plain.


i think everyone that doesn't live in usa spells it with a U. For some reason americans think they can make up their own spelling of words


A 'u' for Australia 2 please


In norway there's no U.. bet there's no c, o or l either :P
I'd like to add a U, but would it be approved if i add a new submission with the U, or should I just say that I'll put in the U if it wins?


timbr: I agree, that is much better - but it's not really the same shirt nor the same effect, is it? :)

purple giraffe

I think imachick is right - there's a 'u' everywhere else but USA. I'm from New Zealand.


change to having a 'u' and i'd buy it.

5 for now
(australian/new zealander)

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