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Hey! Cheer up, kid! I've got some colors even you

  • by Kolb
  • posted Oct 20, 2006

my only deal is that I'm a canuck, and therefor wouldn't buy this.

Watch this
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p.s. in canada we spell it with a "u"


That's interesting .. I had no idea :)

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super nice color effect!!! nice!!!


Wouldn't buy it, simply cos there's no "u"


maybe two versions? people would make fun of me if there was no 'u' in the word


Sure i can make 2 versions!
How come everybody's Canadian? ;)


I think I'll post "Everybody's a Canadian" as a type tee..
Hope that's not an old pun ;)


I'd rather it had the U (and I'm from the good ol' USA). If anyone gave me lip about it, I'd just say "It's a Canadian shirt, douchebag" and they'd be stunned.

apples mcfresh

i think its pretty sick, i wouldnt wear it tho cause im a guy, but its well done.

apples mcfresh

i think its pretty sick, i wouldnt wear it tho cause im a guy, but its well done.


haha everybodys canadian. that would be really funny. i'm not, and here in the US thats how we spell colors :o)

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this is much better.

She's Fake

I like it, but I, too, would like it spelled "colour." I'm from the USA.

Pesto Bong

We spell it with a U in the UK, too.


i spell it with a "u" and i'm from the usa.


hrm, I guess you could add more to the's a tad bit plain.


i think everyone that doesn't live in usa spells it with a U. For some reason americans think they can make up their own spelling of words


A 'u' for Australia 2 please


In norway there's no U.. bet there's no c, o or l either :P
I'd like to add a U, but would it be approved if i add a new submission with the U, or should I just say that I'll put in the U if it wins?


timbr: I agree, that is much better - but it's not really the same shirt nor the same effect, is it? :)

purple giraffe

I think imachick is right - there's a 'u' everywhere else but USA. I'm from New Zealand.


change to having a 'u' and i'd buy it.

5 for now
(australian/new zealander)

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