Pipes and Wires and Stuff

  • by the_miki
  • posted Oct 20, 2006

Hand-drawn during some overly vacant 6 hours, and my first submission to threadless.

The GIF-isizing and resizing have taken away some details.

I hope you'd like it

Watch this

are there boobs growing out of it or am i just a guy?


Maybe make it a different color than black.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Once I threw up and a long spaghetti strand came out of my nostril. After I was finished, the toilet bowl had your design in it. Only it was more colorful. And smelled worse.


the detail is commendable and the drawing is cool, but it just looks like a dark blob on the shirt. try thinking more about placement and overall shape next time.


Design should be a good deal smaller maybe?


It's a real piece of art- delicate detailing and a beautiful design.
I would print it in silver on black or white t-shirt and enlarge it to cover most of the front (as seen in the background).
I will be looking forward for more of the miki designs!


it seems my stomach!!

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