Maths Is Magical

  • by PeteyPie
  • posted Oct 18, 2006
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No, 'Maths' is short for mathematics in other countries.


so cute, but i'm gonna be cliche and say "remove the text" only cause it doesnt do much for the design, plus im american and i'm not walking around with a shirt that says "maths" even if apparently its short for mathematics in "other countries"

Luke... profile pic Alumni

nice retro style, i disagree and think the text is nice and very essential to the design. the phrase and hand-made type fit nicely with the design, the placement could be a bit better though, maybe a bit more "flow" to it...


The more I look at this, the more I like it. (And leave it as "maths.")


nice final composition! i'd buy on grey :)

herky profile pic Alumni

nice style and colors, definitely keep the text.


i don't like the "maths"...change it to "math", to me it just looks like a typo.
cute though.


hehe guess it depends on which side of the atlantic you reside! it can be changed to "Math" or keep "Maths", which ever is more poular. thanks for the comments :]


i say math, but for the shirt, i think maths is fine. prefer it to math anyways.


Maths, everyone uses maths but americans...I really like the design 5$ as it is but if it is changed to math I would have to reconsider.

Jesse Mack
Jesse Mack profile pic Alumni

excellente! i would also like it if it said "maths is ∞ fun".


ooh, neat. it kinda reminds me of the powerpuff girls. b/c the design is pastel shades, a light colored tee is probably best. nice design.


ibut....maths isn't magical. it's torturous.


aqua-star on Oct 24 '06
i don't like the "maths"...change it to "math", to me it just looks like a typo. cute though

i gotta agree with my best friend!


It HAS to be Maths. I suppose if you use the american and said it quickly it would sound like mathematics- mathismagic...see...but i would only buy it if it said maths, and if it get's printed i WILL buy it. fact.


Yep, if this is printed with 'maths' I will be buying it. Us Australians (who call it maths!) buy shirts too, you know.


my computer science teacher would love this...

i on the other hand hate math
or maths for that matter


I hate math, but I love this shirt. $5


it looks kinda like the guy on the pringles can.
it's cute though. very nice.
and definitely keep it 'maths.'


i'm american, and i much prefer "maths." god, british people are so much cooler than us.

Pink Apple

I'm Aussie and I say "maths", but I can deal with "math". Other than the eternal text debate, I enjoy the colour and general design. Yes, we also spell color "colour". Hehe.


shouldnt it then be maths ARE magical


ah, i like it! keep the text and i like the graph paper. well, at least that's what i think it is. i would definitely buy.


Love the colours. Very neat design! I would buy it.


I like this, and I hate math. But I like "maths!" =)


Do not like the subject but like the design. "Maths" is much better anyway since the rest of the world can use it.


haha yay math!

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Even if 'maths' is short for mathematics elsewhere, unless english in europe doesn't involve subject/verb agreements, you still have a grammatical error in your design. The easiest way to fix that is to eliminate the plural.


i love how his hair and the stars are graph paper.


i like "maths"

bootless maundy

i really like this. i think it would look best on the grey. cute and fun. "maths" sounds better with the phrase used...and cuter to go with the overall. i'd like it less if it said only "math"....and i'd like it even less if you changed your design based on a few people who don't like it. keep to what you use.
also, i really enjoy the micro graph paper. great stuffs.


can`t stand math,but the design + colors + everything about this shirt is amazing.


freaking. give. it. to. me....!!!! ah ah ah...i want it! you have just made my day. and i doubt this will be printed b/c i am an odd one to like math. but there is no doubt in my mind i would buy this in a heartbeat...


thanks for all the lovely comments :]


Cute! Too bad I hate math. (Otherwise, totally $5)


Heh. I like "maths". It makes it kitschy and fun!

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