Communist Daughter

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the ussr negative looks sweet, the drawing is pretty nice as well, I would suggest looking over the design again though, obvious anatomy flaws are all throughout the drawing and it hurts the design... for instance, our left.. her right calf is about the right size but then not but a few inches down her foot/ankle is half that size. It has that anime look to it and all the problems that artists run into with learning from that style, things seem to look more and more "off" the farther from her face you go... but after getting past all that technical stuff its a good idea with a good execution, i just think it could use that extra bit, good luck


her shirt bugs me. The shape of the top of her shirt is very stiff and doesn't look natural.

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i wanna see boobs


is she missing an arm, or are they both tied behind her back?
it looks good at first glance, but if you keep looking errors abound.


i love the text with the reverse image. I don't think i'd wear it with the image...


I would like to see the drawing of the girl on the front of the shirt and the USSR smaller.Great drawing though.5

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The USSR has not existed for a while now. Time to quit bitchin.


she looks like an amputee, and the shirt makes me a bit sad. Howver, if it were my taste, i would like it more, so i still give it a 4


Funny how I don't notice the little things until everyone tells me... thanks for the coments..Did you see the other colours?


Nice design! i especially dig the front of the shirt.. i dunno if i'd wear it with some girl tied up on the back of my shirt tho.


I'd wear the "USSR" one, but not the other one.


Or... I should say that I would prefer that the shirt was only the "USSR" part, and nothing on the back.


Its not something I'd wear - just not my taste but great drawing style! :-)


With out the USSR stuff I'd give it a $. The illustration is QUALITY!


No USSR... no tied up girl...
Mixed reviews make Devi confused... lol..


I don't like that girl's nostril one bit.


okay devi let me tell you what, this design rocks hardcore! the animation works the USSR works it's your point you want to get across and if others are too dumb to understand what is going on let them not get it, it's beautiful i love it ^_^


artwork is always going to get good and bad ratings though. calling other's opinions "dumb" isn't that classy. btw: awesome drawing.


Love it, especially in khaki.


I love this. I would definitely buy it.



The Crackers

I don't really like it, sorry. Overall i would make the girl have less pointy hair, and lose the USSR,


Yeah, I don't really like it. Sorry.


i dig it, keep YOUR design and YOUR idea... maybe check the proportions of the text to the drawin' and bring them closer if you want, but keep both.. i would :)

i LOVE the color.


thank youuuu... your input means a lot.

and i definitely dig the "mean comment-to-nice/constructive comment" ratio.


omfg i liove it
i am a russha FREAK!!


I can't believe people are ripping on the anatomy of this drawing. What about all the simple doodle-style drawings that abound in threadless that are absolutely horrid? Why do people love those so much? I guess most threadless fans love MS Paint-style pre-school drawings better than those with some substance... In other words, I like this better than 90% of what I see on here...


:D Thanks, Tigershark. You said a lot of what i was thinking about the scribbles. I dig. You rawk.


I'm debating editing this and posting it on the critique forum.


i love it! 5


i really like the style of the girl:)

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