the Woman of Stainless Steel

  • by Kolb
  • posted Oct 16, 2006

Imagine a world where an unnamed superhero is rescued by his unnamed girlfriend. Now that's a true heroine. Not like that nasty drug. Mind you if you do choose the drug, so be it. Different strokes.

On a side note, I picked stainless steel for two reasons. One, so I don't get sued for my soul. And second, a personal chuckle knowing that in that era, woman were bascially cooks and cleaners. So stainless seemed like a fit.

Too long for an opening comment? Maybe so.

Watch this

this...isn't terribly well drawn, sorry.


I really like it..


Have her holding him in both arms like he has held her so many times.


Honestly, I thought he was still rescuing her, but maybe that's just the sexism talking. Either way, it looks likes he's trying to cop a feel, or maybe she's just stacked. Woman of stainless steel for sure.

It also looks like she's accepting an award, or maybe waving to the onlookers. I'll stop.


If she's waving to the crowd, then she's one vain bitch. No wonder she never made it as a super hero. Perhaps she's excited about all the cat calls she's getting because they can definitely see up her skirt. Stainless Steel!


It's not clear that she's saving him and not vice versa. REALLY nice concept and I'd love for you to tweak it a bit and resubmit.


i would kind of like to see it if it faded out on the one side... well... naomi mentioned it and i agree with her that it would be very visually sharp. love the idea and how it applies to the theme


I also thought he was saving her until I read your comment. It's a great idea, it just needs to be a little clearer.


Wicked Man, I'd wear it $5


sweet! awesome idea! looks great too


I think it should have "Dun da da DUN!!!!" or something written at the bottom. and...does his right leg look broken to anyone else??? Hmmm....


AHH! That's cool.. xD


the concept is great but i think you should work a little more on the know how to draw...its easy to see but there's a few thing that bugs me..the right leg of the hero is shorter than the other one, he seems to have more boobs than her... and a suggestion maybe if she was looking in the sky it would be more dynamic and maybe with her hand close like a fist piercing the sky... anyway its great... you get a 4 but i know you could get a $5 from me... Great work !

mighty moody mut

DC sucks, and sorry to say that here in this, there is nothing of you!!!!!


Sorry i thought he was rescuing her too

Kolb profile pic Alumni

to those who gave support, I'll try not to disappoint you if I can do another sub in time. And to those who are just mean. So be it.

Triple E Rock

Ha ha, best not to take it all too personally, it's a hard contest.


the day a woman picks me up and flies away....will be a cold day in hell. i love it tho. PEACE


Awesome idea but I can only echo those who've said that it isn't clear who is saving who. She needs to look a little more dominant I think. Don't give up on this one though, potential $5 for me


I hope I wasn't one of the mean one's. My comment's were purely aimed in the direction of constructional criticism. That being said...I also did not realize at first who was saving who. Maybe if she were wearing the cape?? Buuuuuuut. I do like the design.

Kolb profile pic Alumni

To clarify, I wasn't offended at all by any of the comments. The comments giving suggestions: a good thing. The comments simply saying something sucks: weak sauce.

ozrict two

The name is freakin great dude...execute about if she had like frying pans for hands or somethin?...give her a cape, dress her up, freak her out...the problem is she looks like an ordinary 40's style woman...try again...give it color (red,yellow,blue,etc) you might be on to something here...if it takes 10 drawings then do 20...

hope that helps...good luck.


i agree w/ helo's comment - until i read the comment, it wasn't immediately clear that she was saving him

otherwise, very cool


I like the concept and the design but I would change the color and make the background less detailed, keep the desing moncromatic though


i agree with helo about holding him with two arms. tweak and resubmit, i'd buy!


I concur with everyone. Wonderful concept, but some tweaking would make the execution wonderful too. =)

herky profile pic Alumni

nice retro illustration style.


Keep it. Makes you think who wonder who is rescuing who.


it still looks like superguy is flying.


I would drop the background.

Kevin Barrack

It looks to me like you lifted Superman's face directly from a comic. Looks good, but would definitely trigger a lawsuit. If you didn't draw it yourself I would suggest doing that. Nice concept and illustration.


haha. i was going to say I saw something about this before, but it was your imporved design. I love this idea, and I love your improvements for it in your other one.

Daniel San

Rad. Do the two armed thang and I'd buy it.


What is she saving him from?

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