Humans are nutritious.

The average male wears 70kg. If you ate him what would the calorie count be. The info on this shirt is accurate estimation of body composition and calories per gram etc.

Not for weight watchers!

Watch this

is this a resub? think ive seen this b4


Could you post a close up of the design? It's hard to read everything written with it at that size. Cool idea, but I dunno if I'd wear it. I also don't like it on yellow.

citizen k

Ha, Love it, Great Concept...Would fool around with it a bit more in terms of the overall design, but to each their own. Good Stuff!


Sorry, but this idea has come up before! Several times!


maybe someone could ad some art to this idea and make it original instead of just a nutritional bar


Lose the white background and it will excelent!


Maybe design on the back, b/c u see the nutrition label on the side or back


perhaps on a different color than yellow.


I've seen something like this before, but not about humans. It's interesting, but now you need some imagery. It's very plain. It could use a border or something also.


wow how many human nutrition things we need, theres already been at least like 12, do no points for originality, the execution isnt ad good as some either.

sorry no print.

Estranged Thespian

that's amazing! I havent seent his before, if it has been done.

just get some more colors. And i don tlike the placement... maybe off to the side and/or on the back?


I definitely wanted to put the nutrition label on the lower right back of the T-shirt but being a novice to threadless, i could only figure out how to put it on the chest.
As for those folks who've said they've seen it before, well i haven't and that's what matters to me.... so don't hate, just marinate.


i would like it on the side. it needs a border too.


Front, upper right or left...and different shirt color? Yellow makes my eyes burn. :D


It needs more padding if you were to keep it white, Like..more white around the edges so the text isnt directly touching yellow and white...I don't like this shade of yellow either..Also, the numbers are too simple, If it was an odd number or some kind of 453246 number other than just 112,000...You know?


but i do like it, add some blood like they got bitten..cus..THAT would be pretty cool.


Definitly ona different colour shirt. Love the idea!

mezo profile pic Alumni

You are so talented in the copying & pasting from the internets! I should give you $2000 myself!


a different placement maybe, and alternative color would be nice.


isn't it dihydrogen monoxide? if you mean water, it is. heh.


It looks as if you just copy-pasted a picture of nutrition facts with nothing unique in it! Make your own label and place it on the shirt!


To clarify and I should show a close up of the the label but all the information listed on the label is medically correct. It is based on the the assumption that the wearer is an average weight fo 70kg. His body composiiton is then split down into protein, carbs, fat and hydrogen oxide (water). I worked out the calorie content based on calories per gram of each. So no, I didn't just paste it from the internet. I will post a close up of the label later. Thanks.


you should add what kinds of fats are in it
i believe in humans fat is mostly monounsaturated
and add the types of carbs like sugar and fiber
you also forgot to list sodium, potassium, cholesterol and serving sizes. take another look at a real nutrition label to make thhis more believable
wouldnt water be listed in the ingredients not nutrition facts


there is a serving size, my bad

robin marie

a different placement and color and it might be kinda cool.

J. Travis

We all see this dang thing EVERYWHERE! I'm not so sure i'd want it on a shirt. Um... no.


like someone else said "hydrogen dioxide" isn't water. H2O, not HO2.

i don't remember any human nutritional info shirts. i just remember the one for grass that had a glaring typo but was printed anyway.


it's been done & the colour sucks... totally like usernames addition though!

Kevin 80

Looks good Hammy, not sure why everyone hates yellow, I think uts a good colour, especially to make a statement on - good work!


... this on a tshirt?


I hate the yellow as well, but really like the concept. Maybe just on red or black.


I think you should adjust the serving size to be one person.


get rid of the white background, and the colour of the shirt doesn't suit. but its pretty sweet.


interesting concept. i guess that's why there's already a shirt from threadless that's a lot like that ...


love it


I agree with wantedwanted. Interesting concept, but not necessarily the most visually appealing design.

Perhaps you could steer away from the socially known design of the standard nutritional facts label and make up your own style.

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