Say No To Thneeds

  • by Quag
  • posted Oct 14, 2006

This is a tribute to my favorite book. At the end of The Lorax the Once-ler reveals that although he chopped down the last Truffula tree, he had a single seed left. He instructs the young boy to plant it and rebuild the forest, so that The Lorax and all of his friends may one day come back. I invision that the proper place for this seed would be at The Lorax's final resting place.

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the czar

Interesting , Q. My wife would love this , she loves Seuss


Very cool idea and nice placement. $5


that was a great book and you did a good job getting the seusness into the pic


I LOVE THE LORAXXXX AND THIS SHIRT!!!!!!!!!! $5 hooray for dr.seuss


this shirt is amazing, i love the composition and the way you used the lines from the grass to create the text, also, i think seuss would be proud


Sad for the Lorax, but awesome Shirt 5$


Copyright issues? I would still love this t-shirt to be printed

Quag profile pic Alumni

Thank you all for the feedback. As for copyright, it is a tribute piece, although i'm not sure if that is protected or not, can anyone clarify?

analog boy

Absolutely love this.

Yes You Kant

oh man, this is great. I think that the term "lorax" is copyrighted by the Seuss people. sad face.


Awe, poor old Lorax. I have a plush one, he sits on my couch.


I love it.

We did Seussical last year with Truffula trees...


Absolutely love it.


$5 my favorite book as a child!


I love this...but Doe the brand has an entire line of these shirts...I have the Truffula one..just thought you should know.


have this entire book memorized.
at the far end of town where the grickle grass grows...


I still have this taped when I was little and it still works :) I want this PLEASE PRINT FOR THE LOVE OF THE TREES!


The Lorax was my favorite Dr. Seuss book. I read it to my little brother all the time.
This is so cute. 5$


I love this book...I'd possibly buy this...$4


This shirt makes me cry. I think it definately needs to be printed. Incredible work.
Buy $5


the lorax rox. good job on the seuss style.


my favorite book... yesss $5


5 $ best book ever


I love the book but I don't really like this. Its a bit unoriginal. Not to mention the Lorax did not have a grave, especially since it was never said that he died. In fact there was hope at the end of the story saying that maybe the Lorax would come back. I don't think the Dr. Suess style was pulled off very well here either.


I really love this, but I havn't read the book and I don't like the placement.

sdjagdasgdajhj I love it though.


The Lorax! Geez that was a good book. I love this shirt and I would totally wear it.


this is a sweet design

Quag profile pic Alumni

Thanks everyone! Especially pkmore4, gracing me with bold! :D

China Shop Matador

My first tattoo is from the lorax, you are so awesome. 5$

Meekasaurus Rex

Excellent idea, the design could be a little tighter.


China Shop Matador - I used to have abs like you. Until I turned 30 and started eating like an oily swine! If you can keep those abs after marriage for 5 years, you are the man!


i love it! but i think you should include the quote on the shirt instead of "speak for the trees".

let the shirt speak for itself. :-)


I love it. $5!


My goodness! The Lorax is definitely one of my favourite Seuss books. I love this design! =)


I second that the grave seems a little unneccessary. What about replacing it with the stone mark that said "Unless" that the Lorax actually made? That seems to make more sense.


put the qoute in and its perfet


i love this. reminds me of my father.


Best shirt ever, I would SO buy this


I NEED this shirt.
I really, really want it. They need to use this design, because this is probably the best shirt I've ever seen. ever.


This is wicked, I will buy it for sure!


doesn't look to promising for a print(381 days ago), but I agree tiz lovely :)


I know it was some time ago, but I just wondered if anything came of this design. I really feel strongly about the Lorax Project and what it stands for, but quite frankly the t-shirts they sell to publicise aren't up to scratch. This is one of the best t-shirts I've ever come across and if it hasn't ended up in production, I just wondered it there was any hope for it.


Can I buy one of these??? I will buy if available.

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