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The Lady With Pointy Fingers

I don't really find it funny. it doesnt really do anything for me aesthetically. some might not consider it art because there really isnt a message but art was always about the reaction. and succesful art draws the reaction the artist intended it to draw. my first reaction to this was that it just seemed like you were trying to make something cool looking to trip

Watch this

yeah, not putting that on my chest.





I don't think people are going to get all the hilarity ivolved in this, everyone, including my girlfriend look at it and say.. "OMG what is that?" without giving it a chance first.

Looked really cool as a screenprint with multiple layers, that was before I put it in illustrator.



Do explain.


umm... no.


Eh, it didn't even look interesting when screened. You just off-set the white layer, which you didn't do here.


some people don't know how to appreciate art. i would like to see what some of them have made, that they consider art. I think this design is great.


Art is different when it's made to be worn on T-shirts so it's not that we don't appreciate art--it's that we want to actually like what goes on our shirts.


well, the difference between when it was screened and the graphic version is the fact that it has a physical presence on a print and is only plain color on a graphic.

I think the hilarity in this image is that it pisses so many people off, but why does it piss you off?

if you don't like it please say so.. I really do want to know what people hate or like about it. don't just say.. "" that is not a comment.


well there is no need for harsh criticism. if you don't like it don't say anything, but if you really feel the need to say something why not make a suggestion on what he could do for you to like it better and not be assholes about it.


its to hard to put clothes on when you have rapiers instead or REAL arms.


then don't wear it and don't worry about it. or maybe you could use imagination and not think that things need to seem logical or real. for all you know she could be the cheese general who was fighting in a war in some sort of alice in wonderland world. don't limit yourself.


Now that is art. Is there any way I could buy a whole crate of those shirts? Actually, forget that. You should do it up big, not just shirts but hoodies, denim, boxers, hats, anything with that glorious work of art on it. Seriously though, kids who spend time hating on someone else's t-shirt design should find something else to busting out the sharpies and making shirts to sell out of a van...


you know, this shirt isn't very sensitive to those of us with swords for arms. you should be more sensitive.


haha, you're right, you're totally right, I feel so bad for singling you guys out.


i dont see this getting anywhere but keep up the weirdness, i did.


WOW! I think I dated her once... A bit too odd for a shirt, at least for me.


You've got to be kidding me.


it's so confusing. i see she has pointy fingers aka heman swords, and she has a cheese head that was cut off, maybe by her heman sword hands? but she's also on a box? none of it makes sense, except that she's naked, i think it would be very hard to get nicely fitting clothing in her condition. it seems like you're trying to make a statement but ended up saying nothing.




If I saw someone with that shirt on I'd be all like.
Then I would knock them over.
That's what I would do.

But idk.
Its kinda cool.
If your gross.


your name says it all trendyxcore.


I think its kind of funny that people hate this simply because they're confused by it, that's almost an exact definition of a close minded ideal.


no, it pisses people off so much becuase it's yet another image of violence against women, and we have seen/dealt with enogugh of that...

maybe that's not your intetnion, but don;t be shocked that peoleare dismayed and disgusted by it either..


I feel kind of bad for her. It's not that I don't like the subject matter [[which I don't]], but it just looks bad anyway.


I don't really find it funny. it doesnt really do anything for me aesthetically. some might not consider it art because there really isnt a message but art was always about the reaction. and succesful art draws the reaction the artist intended it to draw. my first reaction to this was that it just seemed like you were trying to make something cool looking to trip


it's not confusing. it's simply a poor illustration combining random elements. also, the implication of violence against women will put many people off.


It looks like a Wisconsin lady that was born from a spawn of Edward scissor hands who is giving a speech from her soap box, but Oh Wait! she accidentally cut her throat! damn, it sucks having cheese on your head. ...and there is the whole naked thing...


why are people close minded because they don't like your work? i don't think most people are pissed off, they just don't like the shirt and are expressing their opinions, that is what the comments on this site are for. it's ridiculous to tell people to not express anything if they don't like it. where would that put us? with thousands of t's with a rating of 4.5? i think the bottom line for the majority of viewers is that it means nothing, or atleast the way you have executed it means nothing. when i view this illustration all i see is gratuitous nudity juxtaposed with sword arms and a cheese head. don't belittle people just because they don't like your work or don't understand what your message is. if i had to try to pull a message from this i would assume you meant, 'women in wisconsin are slutty whores who sell themselves (or put themselves on pedestals) and end up hurting or killing everyone they come into contact with (including themselves) because they are passing a deadly sexually transmitted disease around.'


haha. hmmm. maybe i do get it. i wasn't trying to copy you dank, just had a few distractions while trying to write it up.


Uh.. Closed - minded? From what I've seen, you've given basically no explanation as to this work. We're not just knocking it because it's strange and different -- We're knocking it because it's strange and different and makes no sense.

I've seen the excuses you've given used for a painting of three dots on a $500 blank canvas. But at least that artist gave a reason for it.


Also, there's no reason to act like the voters are plebians just because we don't want to wear your submission. Even if this were a "great, misunderstood piece of art". Hopefully you'll be more accepting of criticism with your next sub.


there's a HUGE difference between constructive criticism and outright rudeness. I have been in plenty of studio class critiques, and anyone who has been, knows that you aren't rude to the people, you're supposed to be trying to help them. I've come to realize that the people on this website have an extremely elitist attitude.


That part's understandable. There are some jerks on here who haven't the social skills to write more than a "no way" response. But it's hard not to feel elitist when you wear higher - quality tees than most. :]


i also agree that there are lots of rude people around here, but there's more people who aren't than are. i think it's also important to realize/remember that the population you are presenting your work to for scoring/commenting is far from a studio class. there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, in fact that is the way it will always be if you desiring to become an artist and want people to buy your works. i don't mean this personally towards you, but at times it seems like that concept gets lost on designers who are used to being critiqued by other artists or people who are familiar with the art world. when they get unexpected feedback from 'normal' people/consumers they tend to lash back with how they know what art is but the layperson doesn't. as a non-artist, art lover, i get frustated and annoyed when people try to tell me my opinion doesn't matter because i don't anything. i'm not trying to rag on you, but rather try to explain where the 'average' person is coming from.

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