Earth's Last Orbit

  • by cgrein
  • posted Oct 10, 2006

We'll keep consuming the planet's natural resources Until There's Nothing Left of Us...

High-res image HERE

Watch this

that's very cool, i like the message. I'd buy it, for the awareness factor alone.


I think the concept is silly, but I really like the far right ball that looks like a living tennis ball losing its skin.


ver cool shirt. good message. good design.


Sad but true, I like tees that talk about real stuff, like how we suck;)+5 for truthness!


i think it's kind of campy, but i know what message you were trying to wise, it looks a little flat and i kind of wish that where land once was it looked like the poles too...i don't know, like there was once land there...or something...


i find this absolutely marvelous.


The earth skeleton is very clever, but I think it could do without those orbit lines.


Helo must be on drugs. This has an excellent concept potrayed beautifullylike.


thats pretty cool!! $5


i love this. id buy it for sure. my favorite ive seen.


I think i'm in love. I've been working on something similar to this with uncle sam eating the world but your design is FANTASTIC


Thank you all for your nice comments!

band-it profile pic Alumni

design is nice, i'd get rid of the sun and the orbit lines. keep the dotted line though.


wouuuuuuu so craative -- 5$


Meh. The earth's fine. She'll still be here a million years after we kill ourselves off.


The earth has bones?
yuk :[


i like it, but not on green.


redsugar mus be on drugs.

i love shirts like these, we need more nature shirts!! let people become aware of the truth around us ya know. i luv it!!


i like the shirt, but redsugar is right. The earth is far more resiliant than we are.


love the concept and design. id so buy it. 5$!!!


The way you show the earth wearing away is good, but I simply have to say this: Those orbit lines are jacked up. They just look very very wrong.

.onion profile pic Alumni

Amazing concept, but the style is kind of... too clip-art-y, with all its fine lines and bold colors. I like how the three images are connected, though. I dunno, I think it's the contrast of the colors and the sharpness of it all that throws me off.


i almost would just like the right skeletal earth as a single image on a tee. it has the narrative already there.


LOVE the concept and the design


i think it's a nice try but the message is ...misleading, Earth will be fine no matter what we do, we will only kill ourselfs and maybe alot of current life here, but the Earth will be fine... it does not depend on us, we depend on it.

Strike Redkite

Makes a really scary point. Not something I'd like seen on a T-Shirt so much as a giant poster that you would shove in people's faces along with a meaningful look. Good design though.


the last sphere is particularly awesome.

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