Joy in a paste

WOW I love it. Good stuff

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cardiganGirl! not on white though. a light-green color might look very cool.


hahaha it looks like it says 'SOY'. you obviously put a lot of work into it, so i give it a 3.


Very cool. Looks like JOY to me... must be one of those 'art eyes' things. Non-white $5.


i love all the little dots. i wish i knew how to do the little dots...


oooh - nice! but not on white :-( still get $5 though :-)

She Says So

best entry ive seen so far


This is a cute shirt. I like the German message and that it's spelled out with letter characters. this would be great for gifts. for kids of all ages


I lIke the design But Not On White And Maybe Just A it Bigger $5

jwalsh profile pic Alumni

nice i love this!


A better joy shirt than most.


nice one! $5


I like the design, but I'm unlikely to wear an image of something squirting "joy."

Actually, now that I've articulated that bit of naughtiness, maybe I would wear it . . .


oh now i get it! at first i thought it was a cigarette and gave it an instant zero. but now that i see it's paint it's better but im probably not the only person who will think that when they first see it therefore i wont buy it. 4 tho


Now that is psychadelic. It is cool, but actually too happy for me. I think I would hurt myself if I tried to be as happy as that! For someone else tho, I'm sure it'd be worth $.


please not on white! it's a brilliant, happy design, so let's see that bad boy on a brilliant, happy shirt color!


Very cute, but I agree, not the best on white. Still love it! $5

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