Renovatio Mecanic

  • by Samtricks
  • posted Oct 07, 2006

New version of my last design, i have taken off the woman and put something more technologic :)

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good job; love the colors


thank you ax_man :) I just did it for a nice and beautiful t-shirt, not to share an idea or anything ;)


Hope the lines aren't too fine for printing - looks nice!


I hope too, i think if they put it on the site it means they agree with the fact that you can print it ... Don't know :)

jwalsh profile pic Alumni

i love this! very different. i'd buy it but not on black :D keep it up


what kind of color would you like? i found that back was really nice for the contrast :)


Now that i like :o) Def keep the black!


I really love the colours and the fade look. Definitely on black or dark grey. Great job!!!


or navy


good colors and good movement.. but I'm having to squint and stare just to get the idea-which is still very unclear. It may just be me but I don't want everyone asking me what my shirt means.


Erm, well, to be honnest, when i wear a t-shirt, nobody ask me what it means, their comments are just "I like you t-shirt" or "i don't like it" we never do a proper conversation on it. A t-shirt isn't obliged to show something real, you can stay in the unknown and just look at something beautiful :) just for your eyes, and not for your brain, well it's my point of view, of course if you like to make a debate on every t-shirt you wear, it is your right :)


And about the color I think i will keep the black, anyways, if, with luck, they print it, we just will look at the comments and see what color would be the best :). But the color have to be dark, really dark i think, that's it :)


nice and abstract, good stuff

Ava Adore

mmmm nice, something different!


Like it. It will loose all it's luminosity if you put it on anything but black though, and thats the best thing about it. Good stuff.


thank you :D and yes like you said, i will keep black for these reasons :)


bring back the boobs...


Looks awesome on black.


I might wear it on black myself, but I think I'd prefer some kind of dark grey. However, black is fine, $4.

Kojima profile pic Alumni

what are these quad-boobs doing?


wtf with boobs?? there is no boobs any more on this one lol


thank you so much :D

cpdesign profile pic Alumni

I'm not sure what it is, but I kinda like that cause it makes you want to keep looking at it. Cool man.


it kind of looks band shirtish for some reason. i really like what you've done though.. colors look great. 4


I can see the boobs. Sorta. But just major points for "no one ever has a proper conversation with me about my shirt" A little bigger, and I'm sold :)


I swear, there are no boobs lol, it's just some balls with light in :s ahaha, yous see boobies everywhere, now each time i will do balls yous will see boobs?? :p Joke :) (but they aren't boobs)
for the size, don't worry, it was just to show how it does on a t-shirt :)


samtricks, there are boobs there even if you didn't do it deliberately. :)


i know what i drew lol, and they are not boobs


I love the movment in the lines! And it has enough depth to want to keep looking at it. I definitely think a little bit bigger would be awesome!


Unfortunately, they really do look like quadboobs - I hadn't even seen the earlier version until after this, and I still saw boobs there. The shape is very similar, and the ring with the dot in the center... it's too similar NOT to see boobs. LOVE the design in general, just alter the shape in the middle a bit. The softness of that form looks a little out of place amidst all the sharper lines anyway. Definitely a little larger overall would be good.


it's still got boobies wich is not cool with me

mighty moody mut

i like the shining of your light but do not like the image thet much but i am sure that you could do something more special with your way of LIGHT, try on, 3!


Nice boobs. Your skill is obvious, but it's a little too 'zellers-button-up-shirt-covered-in-ninjas-shooting-fireballs-surrounded-by-japanese-symbols-that-you-see-on-8-year-olds for me. I call that style "trendwhore." I'm not insulting you though! You're good.


Wow! 5$!


thanks, i understand that my style can't please everyone :)


i hate to say it, but i see boobs too (whaaaaat? a guy seeing boobs? WHAT HAS THE WORLD COME TO?!?), so that's really what's keeping me from buying this one. less boobish please, the rest is awesome.


so each time i will put ball with a lil light on the side will look like boobs? lol ok i understood


Toujours aussi superbe ..


I think the shirt looks amazing, great colors. 5

...I totally see light boobs. Not that thats a bad thing. The world could use more viewable light boobs.


ahahaha WavedOut :p Thanks
Levenez > :p Décidément tu me suis partout?? Je rigole c'est un plaisir de lire tes commentaires ;) moi aussi je le trouve vraiment beau mais j'ai l'impression que personne n'en veux, enfin si, quelque personne, mais une majorité rejette ce genre de design parcequ'ils ne savent pas ce que c'est :( dommage

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