let it bleed.

makes me think of Garbage

Watch this

Why is the blood coming from the tip of the shoe? That makes it really confusing.


isn't "let it bleed" a song by the used?

or something like that. . .I don't know i mean just because it's an outline of kill hannah (there's only four guys now. . .that's an old picture. . .) doesn't really mean it's sticking to the theme at all. . .I don't know it doesn't seem like it took much effort. . .because that's an exact outline of the picture of the guys. . .


i'veseen the pic too, its a deep etching carbon copy with color, not very cool


I like the idea, but I'm not such a fan of the execution.

cant think of one

not a fan of tthe white box. Maybe the figure outlined in white


the blood needs improved, but the rest 5


Um, so I know this is an outline of the band, but the band no longer has five members they haven't for a while. You probably should have looked into that.

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