jamaican genie

this is my first submission... needs feed back, no matter good or bad... i love it all...

Watch this

well...it looks like it uses more than 4 colors.....
white, brown, green, yellow, red, black....


plus two shades of pink. Threadless must not be paying attention. I like the illustration of the face on the genie but that's about it. Kind of looks like Mr.T. why is the other guy coming out of a hole and why does he have a target on his head? Kind of confusing?


Okay, I think... JUST THE GENIE IS SUPPOSED TO GO ON A SHIRT!4 colours! Everything is fine! I like the illustration!
The guy in the hole is the artist himself! Just to show the placement!
Am I right Torrance?


^ Yeah, that's right. But that's still five colors, even on the genie. White, black, brown, yellow, and green.

I love the drawing though. Awesome. 5 for me.


well i dont really think this is "approate material" for a t shirt


^unless the shirt is black, or one of the colors.... agreement of subject issue... but the last one was some saggy boobs... so... yeah


oh and placement is shown on the artist cartoon


genie only, minus a color, awesome design


It looks to me like the shirt colors is the color of the genie's hair/beard and the outlines, which is not black, but a darker brown. Therefore: four colors. Very nice, $5.

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great illustration!


i see it as 4 colors on dk brown - which makes it ok -- but i think you need to do something with the genie's arms - cuz i'm not sure i want to know what he's doing down there behind all that smoke

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Character's great, not fan of the smoke and green stuff.


nice illustration, but i'm not feeling your bong/pot theme. i'd also be nice to see how it's actually going to be positioned on the shirt.


this is a anice design. there are so many people on here who dont think when htey mkae these comments. you are well within the color restrictions.


whys mr.t coming out of a bong


let get things straight here... the caracter on the right of the picture isnt a part of the design... actually what i was trying to do was show the position of the design on the shirt... if you noticed that the design was on the caracter...^^^ any who... there are only 4 color used... look close... green brown yellow and
that off white color... 1,2,3,4... i didnt think i was inappropriate at all according to what i've seen on here.... well needless to say i will be submitting more art... thanx for the comments

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