The Table

Tight deadline? Picky client? Make sure you have access to all the resources you need, including this handsome display of measurements. Just look down to find any decimal equivalent of a fraction instantly. What a tool!

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too funny. don't like the font though.


i wouldn't buy a shirt with math on it, even if it is pretty-colored math.


If you need easy access, it should be printed upside down so the wearer of the shirt can read it.


They should be equal signs, not dashes, and I wish you would include denominators other than powers of 2. Oh! And upside down would be fabulous. But aside from these issues, one of my favorite shirts so far... :)


upside down indeed!

g-regulate profile pic Alumni

you guys really should think seriously about the metric system...


yeah @ the metric system (and, by association, adam goren).

i'd wear this to a math exam.

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