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Watch this

tee hee!
and now... a moment of silence in memory of the crocodile guy.

The Flying Farnsworth

I think this would be better received at Old Crappy Tee

and if steve erwin wasn't dead


i don't like it. the attempt at la coste was an okay idea, but not "lacrikey." second, the design is way too small. i know that it's a fake logo, but who's gonna pay $17 for that?

Pink Apple

Just make sure you don't come over here to Aus wearing it. Tsk tsk.


I think its really clever, and I really like it... however, no, I would not buy it if it was that small... make the logo bigger and it is a total buy. :) Good job.


crocodile hunter was the bomb from down under and this is the last shirt I would ever wear. dam the threadless people for letting this horrible design through!

J. Travis

blah blah blah... not so much.


I thought this tee shirt more as of "in honor of Steve" rather than making fun of him...but maybe that's just the way I read into it.


I was gonna make a tee in tribute to Steve, I loved him. I would like to wear a shirt of him on it, but the design is too little even though its suppose to be a lil logo


A tribute to a Legend! Few people live to leave a legacy like he did! I'd buy it! About the logo being small, i love it! It's smarter to say something than to scream it...


this would be better on a real polo shirt...


I dont think Id buy it, but I did get a good laugh =P


while your intentions were good to try to commemorate steve, this just isn't right.

give the man some dignity, i'm sure the last place he'd want his memory to live on is on a very poorly executed satirical shirt looking like he is trying to determine the sex of a croc.


make the design bigger and i give it $5


no no no! that's not even wrong funny, just wrong!


sorry but bad taste...


kinda poor taste for my liking...i only hope this was designed before steve met his sad fate...but i doubt it.

staffell profile pic Alumni

terribly executed, but funny nonetheless


You know what? If he was alive, I bet he'd like it. I'm back and forth on the whole any given moment if you found him on TV, that's almost always the kind of thing he'd be doing! Maybe it's just a little too soon?


The placement is a bit odd. If it were centered I'd like it better.

cubby cakes

i think steve-o would have loved it. why does everyone get so offended?!@#? someone put what he did as a profession on a shirt after he died doing what he loved and it's wrong??#@#$? it's a sad day


not to mention poorly done ... I'm 50/50 on the theme of the shirt too. I mean I wouldn't wear that in a million years, Should I even bother post my Steve Design ?...uh-oh


This would be funny if it wasn't for Steve Irwin's unfortunate passing. Sorry. zero.




The message isn't what really bothers me. It's just that this design is very poorly executed. I would really like to see a GOOD shirt giving homage to a legend, not just a lame illustration used satirically.


what's wrong with having a shirt with steve irwin on it? it's not like it's making fun of him. just because he died, it doesn't mean he's taboo.


Using the beloved Irwin's image in a humorous depiction so soon after his death is bound to evoke knee-jerk "I hate it" reactions. If he were still alive I would think it's quite good. I don't mind the size because it shoudl be roughly similar to an actual Lacoste logo. A few more colors for Irwin to match the boldness of the croc's. Also, perhaps Irwin in front of the croc so he doesn't look like he's sneaking a peek at its arse. Good idea, poor timing.


Hilarious! but not that great of a design. good job for taking on the crocadile hunter and not being afraid of what people would think


bad taste


Steve was the man....and yes it was a sad thing that happened...but it happens, and I'm sure he would have enjoyed this just as much, then or now. I'd buy it for Steve $5

Daniel San

Have some fucking respect.


I thought it was funny, and I really liked the Crocadile Hunter. Eh, guess that's just me though.


Very funny, actually. I like it the way it is.

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