• by ekaj47
  • posted Sep 27, 2006

it looks like you could tweak the outline to make the shape of North America.

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take me out to the ball game

She Says So

the detail is pretty amazing.


Is it a photoshopped picture, or an original illustration?


i would prefer it be just the full field image.


if you could make it look like north america that would be a $5 from me- now it is only ehhh


Its not Yankee Stadium so I shouldn't give it a $5.....but I did anyway

mezo profile pic Alumni

Could....could that even be printed? squints


wow, if this keeps the 4 color rule I am really impressed. (I guess it must if it's been approved for scoring.) 5.


awesome fucking picture...can you buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks? $5


A boring shirt for a boring game from someone else's boring photograph.


Turn this into an outline of North America/US and you've got yourself a shirt.


Kinda blah! No offense!


no auto trace, photoshop separations from a photo i took

its blah and boring unless you love america and one of its oldest pastimes and if you dont your a terrorist so oh well your opinion doesnt count!


i can't believe you drew all that... wow! amazing! zero.


I played the song "Pasttime" about baseball (by jack stamp?) in the Boston Symphony Hall two years ago! This shirt has amazing detail.. it's great.


i second the boring photo of a boring game making for a boring shirt comment


i love this shirt. i would but it for my boyfriend or any other baseball fanatic.


dont u think its a bit harsh to label anyone who doesnt like your design a terrorist?

If you cant cope with criticism, you shouldnt submit your designs to this type of site


harsh? because of words and art on the internet? - i'm having fun, everyone else should too, say what you want i like reading this stuff and i'll write what i want, its allowed, thanks


I don't particularly care for this shirt, but I do like that he called someone a terrorist! That is funny. I don't think he is really calling the FBI to report an actual terrorist, catbus. Try to have a sense of humor.


' its blah and boring unless you love america and one of its oldest pastimes and if you dont your a terrorist so oh well your opinion doesnt count!'

i see you're quite the peacemaker.


That's really an awesome design. Not so crazy about baseball OR North America (yep, I guess that almost makes me a terrorist, but what can one do). Still I give it a $5 and would definetly wear it, just for aesthetic purposes. Don't shape it like US tho...


I appreciate the art & detail, wouldn't wear. 4


For what it's worth, catbus, I understood his sarcasm. Not a big deal.


hey duddy good call, 5 minutes, you were close though and nice myspace photo


i like the concept and the execution. it's definitely fresh. i'm just not sure how it would be possible to print because it is so finely detailed. i'm also not quite sold on your use of negative space for the very small details (ie the black spots in the stands or on the players. i think it works wonderfully for the actual sides of the design to make it feel like you are peering into somehing, but i'm thinking it could be a big jumble or a mess for the details.


I love how youve stretched the color limit here


it's nowhere near looking like north america - but it does sort of look like the USA (ie. North America does not just include the USA). as for the shirt, shaping it like the USA is cool though - since baseball is america's pass-time or something, right? shape a hockey picture like Canada, and that'd make more sense :)


it would of been cool if u actually drew it


it would have been cool if u didnt say that

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

this is pretty cool and I would add my vote to reshaping it to fit teh USA outline just for kicks .. btw which stadioum is that cause its gotta be one where football (NOT soccer) is played


It would have been cool if you'd taken the time to photoshop a picture that was interesting.


i wouldn't buy it and i don't want to see it get printed!



man you get a 5 for just being so funny good shit but i like the shirt too keep up the jokes on the terrorists


I love the idea, but not the final product. I'd def wear a baseball shirt, though, there aren't enough of them. And it should be Yankee stadium - America's favorite team for America's favorite pasttime. Yes!


man, i was about to congradulate you on how neat the detail was and stuff and then i read some of the comments and realized you're a jackass. i hate comment wars. bet you a dollar you'll respond angrily to this one too. sweet.


omg, padres fan!!!!!!!!

aweeesome! Congrats on the playoff clinch. :)


Pretty cool idea - I totally agree if you could make it shaped as the US though (since it wouldn't make much sense to shape it like entire NA - Canada isn't much into professional baseball, and I bet mexico isn't either, but I might be wrong.)

However, if you're going label people terrorists and do it jokingly, maybe use some grammar, so people can tell you're joking. Otherwise, it makes you look like an ass.


So does Threadless give Adobe the money if this shirt gets printed?


I just like your sense of humour.


why would adobe get any money for this? most everyone designs with an adobe product


I think it's very cool and if I was a baseball lover, I would buy it!!


way too complex for threadless


Great pic. Hooray for "Livetrace"! I agree...give it a theme by giving it a US outline. Also, simplify the interior graphics. Great start.


i liked it until you called people terrorists for not liking your damn shirt.


again no livetrace - and whats complex about it?

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