Internal Music

  • by domokun26
  • posted Sep 24, 2006

The movie inspired me to create this design. In the movie Jenna was pregnant. (that is where the baby takes form) And also I loved the music on the soundtrack! (thus the head phones)

Where does the "choices" deal come into play you ask? We all have internal alarms that set us off to make choices. Some were like Michael's (Zach's character) he got nervous about making the right choice, and made a huge mistake. I used the fetus for the idea of an "internal" alarm.

Maybe I am way out there, but I kind of liked the look of a baby with head phones. Oh, and the stripes are some of my T color choices, but I think it looks best on green. Hope you guys dig it as much as I did making it!

Watch this

first comment!
i love it..$5

kerri r

cool design. I don' t think it fits the choices theme well


I think I've seen the fetus design before but, regardless, I like this design. Not sure how it fits with the theme but I like it anyhow.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

even after your explanation i dont think it fits the theme shrugs


its a great, adorable, design but cut the long-winded explanation. i agree with the previous comments, you overthought the theme.

cant think of one

doesnt fir the theme but still good concept ( baby and music) and illustration


It would be better if the site had larger sizes, so it could be worn as a maternity shirt.


i don't even care about the movie, it's really cute.. $5

EZFL profile pic Alumni

the whole fetus/headphones thing has been done. In fact im wearing a snapcase shirt with a similar image on it. try again.


Well, this is not that shirt! And I am sure that I am not the first to have this idea, but this is my perception and my design.

I am glad that you said you had a snapcase shirt though, this way I know that you are not a total douche.


I like it. Feel like i've seen it before though. It kinda reminded me of the Sigurrós album "Ágætis byrjun."


Nice! I think I'd prefer less cord, more baby/headphone farther up and closer to center.


i really like this design. i would buy it!


Great design. Fuck the naysayers. 5$


Creeepay! but darling. LoL I think I'd wear this. I've never worn a fetus before, I'd have to think about it... :o>


Good job making it a well rounded shape, and smiling. If it wasn't smiling I would say no way, but I am considering loving this.


THIS IS AMAZING and beautiful!! I hope it gets printed Ill buy it!~~


hell ya, the sigur ros aegitis cover, i was trying to figure out why it looks so familar. i've seen it quite a few other places and shirts as well. it's been a tid bit overdone. you're illustration is nice though.


THIS IS AMAZING and beautiful!! I hope it gets printed Ill buy it!~~

mezo profile pic Alumni

If that thing was growing in my womb, I'd stab myself with 12 forks. And maybe a few toothpicks.


I'll buy you the forks!!!

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