End of the road

  • by Vadim Mak
  • posted Sep 22, 2006

When we live a life, many times it comes to the point

when it seems that it is over. But if we look further

we can see that "it's not the end of the road."

Watch this

bella bella!!(very symbolical nice!)


i really like this idea..

maybe the road should not continue to the other side since it is the "end of the road" ?

I don't think you need to underline the text to get the point across.. and maybe you could incorporate the text more into the design rather than making it a statement in a box..


the underlines made me think the words should be switched, like there was some kind of 'read between the lines' to get the point. heh


that's what i thought! where are the crocodiles? :)


creative and very true


i feel like it's too "clip art" for me. but it's a good idea. i just wish there was more there than cutout type images

mike oliver

sick. right on.... just another bump in the road - with the next open road in sight. not too far away, but over the fire, and through the rain.


I think it would be better without the caption. Better to let the viewer figure it out themselves.

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