• by imurray
  • posted Sep 19, 2006

You cannot deny your love for old school Mario. I'm sure everyone would recognize the mustachioed plumber on a shirt, but what about a little more subtle approach? Best of all, you can't copyright a block!

Watch this

Why just the bricks? Why not have mario hitting one or something?


I think that may be copyrighted material. Besides, I'd like to think the bricks have become just as iconic as the man breaking them.

But then again, I may be wrong.


Whether the blocks are iconic or not doesn't matter if the shirt is boring.


You can get it with Mario at K-Mart or something. It's better subtle. I really like this. 5.


Cute idea, but not very well executed.


Subtle? Or just boring. There's nothing to the design. Sorry.


That's your choice. It was djakes2 choice to call it subtle. And hence, the rule of opinions was born.

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I wanna put this as delicately as possible, because i think your designs have potential. I too love to go crazy and execute lots of ideas in my head... but i feel like maybe you would benefit from picking a design idea and really focusing in on it and making it the best it can be before you submit it. Again, nice ideas, but try taking them further.


woo.. i like the idea.. i'd wear this


i love it. 5. not boring... it gets to the point; nothing is better than old school nintendo.


wow... um... you should lie down... bet you're tired after all that... um... work.


so what was your work here? trace the blocks from the original game? super mario was cool but this sucks!



sorry, but i also think it's quite lacking. i don't mind the idea, i like old school stuff, but the illustration could use some better execution. it looks very 1-d currently. i think if you could add something to make it look more dimensional it would look more appealing.

another thought, ideas similar to this have been done before, much better. there was one a few weeks ago that was amazing, but i can't think who submitted it.


The question mark is wrong. you are just a poser, pretending to love mario.

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I agree with kirsten. She is pretty and saucy.


Hey Cool, i like the whole love hate protection thing, good vs evil and the babe oblivious to its fate. US vs Saddam and babe = iraq ..........or militias (perception) trying to save iraq from the US.



wrong design sorry murray


Wow, this brings back memories.

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