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  • posted Sep 18, 2006

Both solutions are the right decision...and the wrong decision.

Colors on the shirt can be any combination you want.

I also see Janitor getting really frustrated with JD's shirt, and pretty much making him miserable because of it.

Watch this

Haha, yes. I have to give you extra points for the Scrubs reference. I like the design too, especially on blue and green. Not sure I'd wear it, if anything the illustration is far too big for my liking. I give it a 4 though.


clever...a little, but subtle it is not. shrink the artwork by 50% and it becomes a bit more wearable.


I had a similar idea for this contest. only i'd leave the game board blank, thus making the "combatants" first choice all the more important. (as a bonus, the tee becomes interactive – maybe janitor and JD play a game of tic-tac-toe throught the episode?)


Thanks for the comments guys. When i started out my idea was to have the design be much smaller. Im not opposed to it at all. there was just something cool about it when it was so big on the shirt.


why does the X's have to win?

whisper in water

I agree with (matthijs); it would look better in a sketchier, hand-drawn style.


It's O's turn, and when you are playing tic-tac-toe if you get to this point it's usually what you say... "ok, my turn...oh.." Hence the title. Which is also why I let X win, to answer the other question.


stewy X = kiss


Subtle. Nice.


i like the size of the print, if threadless will print that large!


i really like it, even more i like the concept of the design, lose lose or win win. It really goes well with the theme of this contest. thumbs up!


this is adorable! i think that every color shirt you show there looks neat $5


this doesn't make any sense. no matter what X's last move it could have won by marking any of the currently empty squares. X is clearly a sadist who wants nothing more than to harm O psychologically by dragging out defeat.


I like the size as it is. It'd get it in any bright color.


I love the design, and I'd wear it if it were MUCH smaller, live 5x5 on the chest.


O just got owned. 5.


This was always my aim in Tic-Tac-Toe, and I actually achieved it a couple of times! $5!


it seems like the only issue here is the size, otherwise grade A awesomeness. nice scrubs reference too! best show ever....


Sad to say that it will never win if you don't get something authentic in there. Good concept but the art is way too simple.


I like the concept but it's WAY TOO BIG on the shirt... it looks kinda tacky like that.


if it were smaller, i'd wear it.
that big, it looks like a children's shirt.


I would rather there be the option of O's winning, depending on who's turn it was, but I like.


Needs to be smaller on the shirt.


too big on shirt


HAHA I think I really LOVE this shirt;]

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I like this, it's "elementary school cute" that BOTH kids & adults can sport. I also like the decision of putting the "O" around where the navel would be.


I agree with the hand-drawn idea. Like kids just scribbling it out on the sidewalk or something.


^I totally agree about the hand written consept but I still love the design the way it is. This is how my sister allways beats me, tee-hee. 4


I love that it is really big, it's like you ARE the game board, not wearing it.


and there too ...


I really like it big. It doesn't look a design anymore, it's so much better. And I hate the hand drawn idea, it ruins the shirt. I really want this printed.

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i would 100% buy this is it were a tid bit smaller


I'd probably buy this shirt if I found it in a store down town, but I believe it's too simple for Threadless. Great work though:)


the person with the 0's basically sucks ass at tick-tack-toe.


I dunno, doesnt seem like much of a choice if to block x both ways you simply put the o in the lower right corner... and then its a cats game.. which is better then loosing... because o didnt have a chance... just my opinion though...

I would probably buy it for a friend though..


theres no way they would be able to get to this particular set up without the X's being able to win 1 move ago. yes i just spent 5 minutes thinking about it...

...what a bad first post for a new member..

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