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  • by maxrubeo
  • posted May 17, 2005

LAME! what about the girls with big boobs who would like this shirt? oh well. you guys lost another sale. this is the third shirt i have wanted to buy that only comes in girly tees.

Watch this

some of my friends have told me that according to bust size, you should order a larger girl shirt size. From what i understand, these shirts are in small through large. if one size is actually one size fits all, that should work too.

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My girl has a big bust and she struggles to fit into the girls large.


I ordered a large guys tee and it didn't fit. Too large! I'm asking a friend of mine to shrink it a little.
Next time I'll have to order a medium guys tee because I dunno if the large girly tee will fit me. (specially because I got big boobs too) and american t-shirts are always larger than brazilian ones (I live in Brazil)


I've worn the girls large. Let me tell you, I buy these shirts because I love the design, and the design gets all stretched out by my boobs. It looks horrible and distorted and doesn't fit!

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Boy. Once again, I'm glad I wear an A cup! Hahaha!

slow loris shirts
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the girls large t shirt is smaller than the adult (guys) small.Girls XL is shorter than adult small, but just about the same size. i think it's pretty screwy when AA brand is saying an XL woman is the same as a Small man, i mean, some on! american apparel has great shirts but their girl sizes are fucked up. i screen print mostly on american apparel, but am very frank with their sizing. they even claim that 80% of all woman should fit into their medium/one size shirt. bullshit! i say. maybe 80% of all the girls/woman in LA, but not in the 'world' i live in.


girls whose bust is too big for 80 percent of female america probably dont have to worry about wearing anything :)

im just kidding that's horribly chauvanistic.

perhaps you should email threadless about this. if you know how to sew, you could cut out the design and sew it on a similarly colored generic shirt that fits you. i do that when i get a shirt that is too large even though im a guy. i have a ribcage abnormality that makes my ribcage thinner, and concave in the center. every time i order a shirt i have to be ready for dissapointment :/


big boobs suck. :p

the smaller the better!


people who don't seem to read the sizing charts here are getting too frustrated. one thing you should do when ordering clothing online is look at the clothing manufacturer ( in this case aa) and their sizing charts. if you went to the aa website you would see that aa states that their shirts fit a certain way: aka small. they did this to maintain the "fit and look" that was worn during the 1970's, as opposed to now where everything is frumpy and not cut well. yes it's a load of bullshit that aa thinks that "80% of women fit into a m/os" shirt. maybe their 100 lb models do, but the real world does not. the real world is full of women who have big boobs, small boobs, medium boobs, curves, skin, and sometimes extra of it.however, men and women's shirts are cut differently here, made by different companies, and one should not assume that a men's large will fit like a woman's large (that was for autumn_bliss).

what threadless needs to do is offer a women's XL considering they offer men XL - 2XL. do they think only guys are different sizes? women's large runs more on the medium side - i wear a women's large because my boobs are too big for my body, and i find that even then a large can sometimes fit quite tight in the bust area. some colors, especially dark grey, run smaller than other colors, such as girls brown.
threadless kind of has a lot of work to do as far as the girl shirts are concerned: they cost more than our male counterparts have to pay (even though it takes less fabric to make a woman's shirt and aa prices are VERY CHEAP to buy wholesale), they get a better selection of sizes, while women have to struggle to get a shirt that fits and then have to buy a shirt that is cut to fit a man's body if a woman's size does not fit them. i hope threadless reads this and gets a clue.

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Here f@c!ing Here! Well said. And yes, it is time threadless took some notice of all these blog entries about girl shirts not being big enough. How many more girls have to say they buy mens shirts for threadless to start offering girls xl?

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Well in defense of threadless shirt prices, they are great . How many web sites out there offer shirt under 20 bucks? If you went to an American Apparel store, you'd pay almost the same price if not more for a blank t shirt. AA girls shirts are also much more expensive wholesale then the guys shirts they print on.I'm sure threadles buys in case prices so they get an even lower price, but it doesn't change the price that much.I buy wholesale every week but in the dozens, not by the case, and had to up my prices when i switched to printing exclusively on AA. As far as offering woman more sizes as they do for the men, you are very right. It looks as if threadless doesn't have a difficult time selling out their womans sizes, so mayabe they will take notice of your request. The womans Large looks to sell the fastest of all their sizes...


I'd like to think I'm a fairly normal sized person. I'm not thin at all, but I'm not morbidly obese either. However, I wear small guy's shirts/XL womens. There are TONS of girls out there who are bigger and can't buy women's t-shirts...not just at threadless...but anywhere on the internet. Doesn't aa realize that by saying 80% of all women fit into a medium, that they are triggering eating disorders?

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WHAT.....a load of crap ^.
Triggering eating disorders.
Sweet penis of Bacchus.

HAHAHA...oh my.

I wear a women's medium and, contrary to prior assumptions, I am not:
100 lbs
nor a Christian.

(added that last one in there, for flair)


My only problem with big boobs, even at my short height is the length of the goddamn shirts. I very rarely will buy a women's shirt of ANY brand, because they're too small. So they fit great along my back, and then hitch up in the front so my belly's showing.
That having been said, I don't see any problem with buying men's small shirts.
Generally, anyway.
I'm holding out for a certain design before I place my nice big order in here.
But I'm ordering mens' smalls.


BUT, I agree with maxrubeo that they shouldn't release shirts just in womens' cut, because then us booby girls can't have them.

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oh wow, yay for us A/B cups. :)


i have size C cups, and am skinny..but I wear size small AA shirts. and they aren't skin tight.
so.. I don't understand the problem. I guess if you are a D or above the shirt might be distorted, but I don't see why a medium or above can't solve this issue.
a friend of mine had large D's and is not quite so skinny, and she can wear a medium just fine.

besides, if you get a small guys tee, you can always take in the sides [sew it] to fit you perfectly. i do that quite often as well.


thanks eskimo.

the whole point is that threadless does not recognize that their female ratio of purchasers could very well be differently proportioned than "small, medium, large". they do however, offer men more sizes than the aforementioned women's sizes. why not for the ladies?

that's great that some of you fit into their tees fine and dandy, but think about the other people out there who don't, and who don't want to HAVE to take a men's t-shirt in because they were not offered a correct size. that's stupid, a waste of money, and a waste of time. i wouldn't bother, if it were my situation. in any case, i hope that threadless finally takes note of this (it was e-mailed to them, so maybe) issue and decides to actually get on top of it. i'm sure their sales would increase promptly and it would leave their customers happy enough to spread the word even more.

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It's nice to see the lack of response from any and all of the threadless crew to this thread.


hey now eskimokiss, no need to be critical of the dudes at threadless. they're the nicest bunch of guys and I'm willing to bet that they've taken notice of their mistake. they do a lot for us so lay off a little and we'll see what direction they decide to go in.

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not critical, although reading that comment back it does sound kind of bitchy... Just an observation I was making.
Even a simple
"Look guys... all you fat girls can @%$! off we are not going to start printing on a more realistic sized tee for you girls!" would be nice.. damn that sounds bitchy also :)
You know I love you guys.. I'm just hassling ;)


i agree with what you said before about the lack of you know what (and a big hahaha about the other one). they're too busy telling girls to back off from telling ross zeitz he's "so cute". but seriously. where's this customer service stuff i heard about?


I wish I had smaller boobs. tear


tis true, i'm only a c cup (not bad, i guess, but rather dull. have you noticed how boys always either say they like girls with small boobs or big boobs? none of them say they like average size boobs. hmph). anyhoo, yes the medium is quite tight on me


i have this shirt. and i love it. because my boobies are b cup.


I wear a medium in almost every store I go to these days. But not here. I read the size charts, and measured some of my shirts, and ordered a girls large. After one washing, the girls large does not fit in the bust, and is now smaller than the measurements given here on threadless.
I am not huge. I'm a size 8, 150 lbs, 36B.
the shirt still fits my waist. length is just fine. The bust is super tight, and looks rediculous. I would switch to ordering men's sizes, but the difference is that men's shirts are not just different in the waist or bust, they are also larger in the armholes, which makes them look too big on me, even if it fits nicely elsewhere.
AA's claim that it sizes the Large for size 8-10 in US sizes......
ha ha ha.
all of this, however would probably not be an issue for most of Threadless' female customers, if they would carry the XL girls size. I know one size up would do it for me, and most everyone I know.
For girls that are larger, I am sorry, but know that I understand your feelings in this. I used to be a size 18. I know what its like having to buy men's tees and such because girls sizes do not accomodate.
This world does not make much allowance for bigger sizes. ( what, you think all us fat americans are going to get skinny if the choice is nakedness or weight loss?)
Realistically, I think Threadless is limited in what they can do in terms of sizing options. Adding the XL from AA seems like an easy to accomodate option, and I don't think its too unreasonable to ask for.


Hey kids, I used to work at Threadless as the customer service rep, and this issue has been a serious one for some time now. Please know that I used to make an effort in respects to XL girly tees every time an email regarding why Threadless didn't offer them came along, I'd bring it up and mention it and remind them but you know how boys are, they kind of pretend to listen and then never do anything about it. I know they were looking into some new shirt suppliers for the near future which may be why they aren't adding XL AA tees for now, so to the larger-busted ladies out there, don't give up on them yet.

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yes, they will come in time... it wasn't that long ago that we added small and large girly tees.


If there's an XL, why not an XS? Believe it or not, S is a tad bit big. It folds/wrinkles over when sitting or even standing, which makes me sad, cause you can't see part of the design sometime. And no, I don't have an eating disorder. I like food very much, thank you.


And of course, no, I'm not asking for it to be tight-fitting either, but I'm just saying.. that's the problem with consideration. If you consider some, you gotta consider all.

sugar turd

i haven't ordered anything from threadless yet out of pure fear of the fit... i also tend to have bigger boobs but everything else is what ends up happening is perfect fit in the boobs...layers of cloth on the stomach...big prob....i know i'm gonna end up buying guys shirts but i don't know what size yet... prob a small to medium...but must say the girly shirts here are not even worth printing...aren't they more expensive too?


I have the same problem sugar..i'm a 32D but i'm small everywhere've ordered two shirts so far.. one in a girly medium (snack..where the design's in the upper left chest) and one in a girly large (i like lions too..where the designs huge and covers the whole shirt)...and the medium is pretty tight and i get those icky horizontal pulls in the shirt over my boobs..and its short cuz of my boobs.. but the large is a little too big..fits ok in the boobs but its too much fabric everywhere else..too long i wish american apparel's medium was a little bigger..or their large a little smaller ... oh well.. i just ordered 3 more shirts in the $10 sale in a medium so hopefully they wont look too bad!


sugar_turd, if you're referring to the quality of american apparel shirts not being worthy of printing, you're hearing it from a very non-reliable source. they're probably the best shirt on earth that you can screenprint/silkscreen onto. just for further use in case you are thinking of doing some, and also to clear that up if that was what you'd thought.

and super, shimala.


I, too, wish there was a girl's XL. A year or so ago, I used to order the guy's small and it was okay, a little too big, but somehow still smaller than they are now. Now I've started ordering the girl's Large, but after washing it once or twice, it gets a little small.

I just wish there was something between the guy's small and the girl's large ...


I can see what people mean, I'm about 125lbs 5 foot 7-ish and need a large girls tee, even though i'm not obese! it's as much for the length as anything else, it's perhaps a shade too big especially for some colours, but there is quite a difference between the medium and large i find, so it's either too small or go for the wee-bit-big size large girls. i would consider myself average size though so if i need the large, they prob should offer a girls xl, as it would probably only work out the same size as a guys small - it's not exactly made for panda-sized girls! kudos to threadless though for using aa shirts - they are so comfy :)
i <3 threadless indeed :)


well!! and after all this???
what the F@c!! should i order? a medium girl shirt, or small man shirt? I t will b my first order, and i don;t want to look like i'm going to explode neither a teenager hiding her body.
i'm an average size, chubby with curves, you know...


I've got a couple of girl's tees on my humble site, and just a handful of American Apparel XL's if anyone likes the designs. They're not 10 bucks, but then again, I'm not rich like the threadless peeps. Take a look.


I'm so glad I have small boobs.

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Yeah but if you had big boobs you'd save a heck of a lot on drinks at a bar


big boobs are a-ok in my book


I definetely agree that threadless needs to work on the sizing issue. I can fit in women's smalls and medium, but I'm just a really small person with an A cup. I think by '80% of women fit in medium' they meant 80% of the models who, well....model their clothes.


i just think they should offer men's and women's sizes in all the shirts. an AA xl girl's doesn't fit my dd's...i wear men's mediums just fine. i just don't see why they don't print for both sexes...that's all i was saying.

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