In case of poison gas emergency...cut-out-and-keep

My second submission.

The text could probably be included on the shoulders, sleeve or as a wrap around, but I'm not sure if it would benefit the shirt on not.

Comments, suggestions and scores welcomed and appreciated.

Watch this

I printed a few at home, and it looks good with the text on the shoulders.


i like the idea, and its a cool design ...i dont know about the text, i like it too, but i would not know where to place it.


The logo should be slightly smaller but nice shirt. I rate like the orange shirt.


I really like this. Should definitely be printed! The text should go on the back between the shoulder blades. No doubt. I give it 5$


Miss Anthrope

Also not sure about the text placement... Safety Orange makes sense, but I don't know if I'd ever wear that color. But I love the image & the concept $5!


i love it, i think maybe a little smaller for the image, and i think the text would look nice on either of the bottom corners of the shirt


Great illustration. Love the idea and agree it should be smaller. I wouldn't buy it on orange though. Black on grey or white on dark blue?


cool idea, no text, and make it human head sized.


human sized, text low on front or anywhere on back, and change the scissors on the dotted line to make it seem more like the little cut-outs in coloring books


No text. I'm thinking someone might be dumb enough to ask "how would you wear that? It's two dimensional." Aside from that, perhaps resubmit with a smaller image, and a more "radioactive" orange.

And, perhaps, lose the dotted lines. They lose meaning without the text.


Fun yet sinister. I like the concept. I do think the text should be on the shirt, otherwise the dotted lines do lose their meaning, as previously mentioned. I think the text on the sleeve is a good spot, wherever the text goes, it should probably be visible at the same time as the gasmask, so as to convey the overall concept.

What sn is left?

I agree with the scissors thing. But don't remove the dotted lines (even if you do exclude the text), the shirt just wouldn't make sense. And yeah, the sleeve is a great place for the text.


i agree with mikeyboy on the text...between the shoulderblades would look good.


i agree with mikeyboy too. $5


LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT.. I WANT IT.. its a brilliant idea and the gas mask looks well cool.. 5$


I disagree. I'd say that both this design and the Cut n Spray logo look like gas masks. Coincidence or obv?


I like.


the ideas and design is already in use...sorry...


Oh, and put the text on the back between the shoulder blades, it would look cool.


Where is it already in use Fridz? I'd totally buy that shirt


i think the text makes it funny. i would place it on the shoulders or on the back.


I hate it when people leave comments like "already in use" and don't prove that the design is a copy or that it has been done. Don't come pointing fingers if you can't prove it, people!
About the illo... I really liked it, totally agree about changing the little scissors, and the text must be there. I would prefer the text on the left-hand bottom.


......FIL BOY is better!!!!!!!!no, FIL BOY is THE BEST!!!!


Thanks to everyone who voted, and thanks for all the comments, I'm very grateful to everyone who took the time to leave their feedback.

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