• by esct
  • posted Sep 15, 2006

Pretty dope, is that marilyn (monroe)?

Watch this
Gemini 22

Marilyn Manson?


you know, at first i thought it looked like a nazi clown but after stepping back a few feet it does look like marilyn monroe!


Wow. Well done.


yeah... I like it a lot, I would buy it on a black t-shirt, old idea - but still done first rate - great job! - give it a $5


I love it. I am going to go with my assumption that its Satan.


I think it'd be easier to see if the colours were darker


for some reason it reminds me of michael jackson...

Kojima profile pic Alumni

neat effect


oh no, I was gonna do a design like this! I'll just wait a few weeks before I submit it


awesome!!!! it looks like nothing close, but from far its like BAM!


it hurts my eyes


I canĀ“t believe how cool this tshirt is!!! Congratulations MonNom,PRINT IT PLEASEEEEEEE!!!

seven K

with a little more effort we cold have lost that darned box...


its kind of too boxy? I love it but I'm in hate with the box...


Im complately tripped by this design. a little bland though. Needs like...different placement or something added.

panda kid

its awesome how up close you cant make anything of it, but from like 10 feet i saw it. 5 for awesomeness. but i wouldnt wear it. it might just be the squareness of it. theres nothing wrong with that, a lot of people might like it like that, i just dont like shirts with square or rectangular designs because they always look weird on me


Starting from far away it's beautiful, and as you get closer it gets scarier and scarier. I would say that parallels what many experienced with Marylin herself. Well done.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Looks like Jacko to me.


i was actually surprised how much it did look like marylin monroe from a bit farther back, and ESPECIALLY when squinting. actually a really cool design


Wow...this is amazing! Scary at close range, but very definately her at a distance. Very cool.


very cool! $5


perfectly done.. really big cirlces to work with.. which makes it harder.. and makes the effect better (can't tell what it is close but can when further away)
awesome 5$


What. Marilyn Monroe? Firstly, sorry, but she's overdone -- What with those ugly "monroe" piercings and high schooler artists drawing her on everything and thinking they're profound for it. Second, few people will look at it without the title and go, "Hey, Marilyn Monroe! In circles! How clever."

Sorry. I'm just sick of seeing her pasted on everything.


Blur your eyes or stand very far away and witness the true incrediblississ of this design.

$5, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. I usually wait to pile shirts up and save on shipping, but I'd pay shipping for this one shirt. monNom, you rule.

Embryo Season

Omg, this is amazing. I had to take a few steps back to really see it...but wow, I LOVE it! Buy + $5

hawaiian gal

amazing! love it! well done omg!


I had to squint to see it well, but it is really cool once you do see it.


I have seen this design and others like it in a book called Pen and Mouse.


yeah, i like the colors and the style and everything but the box makes it look like it's clipartish. I am not one of those "Boxes should burn in (heck)" people but I think this can be better.


remember...!!! it's a t-shirt....i won't hav enough time to see what it is....but nice try....


I actualy recognized her! beautiful. 5$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


Love the style and idea, but, it's really pretty unclear.. I think adding in some more shades would help worlds, there's too much contrast there now, the range too limited to make sense of the image.


i just thought it was a random face


Is the person who made it ever gunna say who it is? tell us! tell us!


Pretty sweet. im almost positive tis monroe.


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