"A" Scarlet Letter

  • by Gr0dek
  • posted Sep 10, 2006

The shirt to wear if you've been bad and need to punish yourself with a little public vilification.

Watch this

great idea with a better font. maybe a cool old english looking font. right now its just boring.


better font?!?!?! im pretty sure when you were marked with the scarlet letter, it wasnt for fashion. it was just a plain ole "A". I think the font in the design works perfectly! better font.... pfffhh


i wouldn't want to pay 20 bucks for a red letter A on my chest. i can really easily do it myself.. if i even wanted to...


i kind of agree, but it would be better on a scarlet shirt also, red on red...




a type tee submission maybe

Dr. Elusis

Needs to be in a period font.

Luke... profile pic Alumni

i agree, a better font, and have it look as though it has been sewn on...like it is made of material, angled, handmade lookin


This shirt probably won't get you a lot of dates.... infact, it kind of looks like part of the intial trend that just ended.... I agree on the period font


if you want a better font read russdonovans comment... dumbasses...
funny but eh.


yeah, but hester embroidered hers to make it look pretty. why can't the font have flourishes, too?


Ezactly- it should be a VERY eloquent font (trust me- I just finished the novel for school)


hey, thats my letter!


gah =( Im about to start that book (tomorrow) for English class


At least try to do something with the shirt. An illuminated manuscript A would much look better. HI is one of the best comparisons i can think of, but even more decorated than that. Even if in the book the A was simple, this is a design website. Anyone can go to a place to make shirts/go online/use a magic marker on a blank shirt.

Oh, and no, I haven't read the book, but this should not pass as a design. (I do like the reference though)


I thought about using a period type face but I didn't for 3 reasons... 1. I wanted to keep the design very simple. 2. This shirt isn't an authentic period piece or costume... it's a modern day t-shirt, which they didn't really have back then like we do now, Arial is an update on Hawthorne's "old english". 3. In modern times "Old English" looks like a 50 cent album cover. Enjoy!


I agree with mdanalakis, I'd never pay 15 bucks to a tee that I can make at home... The idea is great, though.


One more thing... Design is not inherently bad just because it was easy to make. Confontcious once said "Work smarter, not harder."


They'll accept anything these days. I'm just suprised you didn't try to submit this for one of the ninety Loves contests.



What if the "A' covered the whole tee? I'd dig that....not sure about everyone else....


I get what you're saying about wanting to leave it simple. But you could have achieved simplicity while still doing so much more with this... that's why I have to give it a zero. (Not for lack of effort, but for lack of putting more thought into it.)

I hope you won't take my following review too personally... I didn't mean it to sound harsh. Maybe the comments of everyone will help you on your future designs though, so good luck!



You should put the A to the left side of the shirt, like where a breast pocket would be. And make the A more fancy.


Yea, I agree with the fancier font... I'd only buy it if it were fancier. I like it centered~


In the book it was not written on her but a patch or something that she was required to sew on. A bit more of an insult that she had to do the sewing herself. Would like to see this letter "A" look more like a patch or something added, not as an inherent part of the shirt as it is now.


Why is this still in the running? It's just a plain letter on a plain shirt. Who would actually wear this? It doesn't convey anything about the novel, or Puritan practices. If you wore this, people would think you work in a preschool, or you teach some kind of adult literacy program, or you're hooked on phonics.

Ugh. This is just plain and completely unimaginative. I have no idea how this sub is remaining above the 1.5 automatic drop-off score.


not much of an idea... and design


how do designs lik this pass thru? .......

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