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Two Paths

  • by Digger814
  • posted Sep 06, 2006

Everyone has tough choices to make. What path will you choose?

Watch this
Ford Prefect

the path to 2 out of 5, sorry just doesn't work for me


cute drawing but i wouldn't want to see it on a shirt.


I happen to be an enormous douche bag


Cute! I like it.. Don't know if I'd wear it though?!


hey bulletGAYvador, what do you wanna see on a shirt? A big fat cock shoved in your ass?

Spare us your blabbermouth and just go lick your dog's ass, homo.


I like the idea but the drawing just doesn't seem quite fitting.
And shouldn't they both be on the shoulders?


yo lets leave the homo bashing out of it.

i'm into the angel/devil idea until it gets printed but i think this one needs to at least work the positioning to get in the running. and perhaps offer a less staightforward angel/devil.


It would be awesome if there was one on each shoulder, just like in the cartoons.

the mothership

yo that devil guy is crazy looking i like him. i don't like the angel though.

ps. they should go on the shoulders


i agree with putting them both on the shoulders.

kerri r

I think this would be more effective if one was on each shoulder. Oops...see they agree.


very cute... I'd buy a bunch


Also think it's better to put them on each shoulder - balance :o)
(If you'd like to be biblic correct... duhhhhhhh.... demon on the left, angel on the right..)
I would most certainly buy it !
Good luck !

Master Duck

These illustrations are great, though the angel looks a little mischevious with that wide, ah*t eating grin. I agree with putting one on each shoulder.


lol awww frig i was gonna do an idea like this, similar but different with them both on the shoulders and on the back of the shirt. Oh well mabeyI still will....


I'm not crazy about the shirt colour, but I like the characters a lot! I don't think they both need to be on the shoulders. It would be more traditional, but this way is good, too.


It's awesome. I'd buy one.

Maybe put a small cloud under the angel and fire or somethin near the devil.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Very much like Weebls, if you push these critters over they would wobble, but not fall down.


Such a cliche, but otherwise, nice graphics.

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