very nice design; I don't think it's too large, a lot of threadless's shirts have a large design...

Watch this

woot first comment- the design is a little too large for me


Eh, I don't really get it. It's great design, but I don't know if I'd wear it. But I agree with Design101, for future reference anyway, it's a little too large. But it's very well drawn. It looks kind of like a tattoo. =P


what do you people have against zoom?!?!


I'm not a purple fan, but I really like this shirt; 5


5 out of 5. The little guy has just the right amount of attitude. I'd buy it!


i hate to be the hater, but i just don't like the art style


very nice design; I don't think it's too large, a lot of threadless's shirts have a large design...


is it an elf or a leprachaun?
anyways, like it either way


Hi 'this heart in fire'

Don't worry about the comments, I am really happy on the amount of people who have made such nice comments. I think on the threadless site and due to everyones different tastes you will never manage to please eveyone but it is nice that everyone can comment with there views. All the best to everyone.



love the drawing.. i'd wear it if it was smaller....nice work!


On a general point do designs go better when they are smaller or is it just personal preference?

nature boy

a great shirt for traditional rock lovers


I think it's too big on the tee, but nice :)


Looks like a Terry Pratchett character...very cool.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

This reminds me of EVERYTHING that was ever printed on a t-shirt, blacklite poster or bumper sticker in Spencer's Gifts. That store is like the the Hot Topic for frat boys and people not old enough to realize that nothing in the store is funny. This design, not my bowl of ganja. Keep tryin' tho!


ah the gnome sitting on the shroom smokin a pipe. i fuckin love it.

totally hippish. id buy


it seems tacky, like if someone wore it. it reminds me of those weird mystical shirts that nerds wear. nice piece of art though.


Very well done, but it has quite a Hot Topic feel to it.


You have to explain what that mean AzrimEkim. It's is only my fist main picture submitted so I'm not very up to date on things at the moment.


I think a lepracaun would fit much better on green.


too dark try lighter colours


Cheers for all those who liked it. Only got 1.75, oh well I'll try harder next time.

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