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Ok. This is sort of complicated. but just kind of.

My idea spawned from the threadless loves threadless competition, trying to do new things on t shirts.

The basic idea of this is to do two things:

1. stretch the canvas of the t shirt blank around a bit.

2. try new printing techniques.

Basically, the grey drawing is a one color print, 2 print locations, the back one to be determined by the INSIDE print.

After the main front print is printed in one color, the 3 color rainbow print is then printed INSIDE the shirt, trying to register as close as possible to the position it looks like its in via the proof above.

THEN, the back 1 color print, the person and the pot o gold, is printed as close as possible to the location in the proof above.

This way, EVERY single shirt is slightly different, thus creating a custom shirt, produced in mass quantity.

This would ideally be on a really thin shirt, creme or natural, preferable american apparel.

Since you read all of this crap, heres a joke:

What do you call a fish with no eyes?

A fsh

Watch this
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i didn't get a single word of that but this is SUPER GREAT keep it on Natural or White no matter what anyone says.... this is my new favorite unprinted shirt.... the wrap around idea is great as well

$5 for sure


thats cool, nice job on it


w0w. aMazIng.


Ohh,very creative!


I have a shirt from American Eagle that is screen printed on the inside so the colors on the outside of the shirt are very pale.

Great idea! $5


if i had to change somethign itd be the rainbow colors, brighten them up the thin shirt will make them pale


nice one tom, don't think i'd wear a thin shirt though - i wan't them to last for years because i'm tight with cash!

karen holland

although i admire the clever use of placement and printing on the shirt, i don't really like this design myself

funkie fresh

awesome to the maaxxxxxx


You'd be screwed trying to wash it inside out to preserve the image.


amazing! 5


Tom rocks. $5.


Love this.
One of my favorites I've ever seen here.


Pretty damn rad.


Wow! LOVE it! Nice drawing, good on light shirts, and weird concept! 5 :)

mikey see

cool idea, but I'm not sure how practical it is. would they really want to go through three printings for every shirt? very nice design though.


innovative to say the least


this is so sick i have to go change my pants $5

crisco disco

yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. dollarsignfive


very good idea!!! 5$


eh..i dont like it so much..ive seen it someone said..american eagle. and ive also seen the same concept used here on threadless a couple times. im juss not a fan. sorry..


dude, but if your nipples are dark, everyone will see them! oh the eff well, they'll just look milkduds! :D 5$


the idea is cool but i don't want a thin shirt x_X, but i really like this design so $


Great idea and fantastic design, but eh...I'd have to see how the actual print turns out before I'd buy. 4.


too complicated for me can you explain again please...

adam antium

beautiful stuff tom.


eff yeah. I'll vote for anything thats experimental.


things i hate include:
thin t-shirts that cost around 25 dollars
thin t-shirts that cost any amount of money
having to buy two t-shirts just so i can wear one.

it's a great concept, but thin t-shirts are the worst thing in the world.


Dangit, why didn't I think of this?


i dont think it would be that hard to print.. i use to print shirts, and thats a wicked idea!! 5$$$$


I'm not exactly a full on thin shirt wearer, but I think this design rules. The idea is very interesting.

1 design submitted - Score now!

i like thin shirts, my nipples are damn near perfect! hahahaha




printing the front, and then trying to to print the inside to get the two designs to align properly would be a right pain in the A$$...

i don't think threadless would approve it purely for this reason.. pain in the buttol to print.


I absolutely adore the concept. I don't know if I feel like having my bra show through my shirt along with the rainbow, though. I already get enough boob comments


great concept, nice patterns&distressing


Gr8 concept, but the cost to produce that shirt ... wowzers.
Nice current concept, there's a lot of retailers who are shooting for that these days...on the money m8*


This is a pretty neat concept. Nice design, too.


Im not sure if the production would be cost effective, but the idea and execution of design is great.



a fsh.

I'm still laughing at that...

Cool shirt to.

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