Bye , Unicorn!

Its my childhood's dream to see a Unicorn.

Hope you all like it.

Watch this
BasicShift profile pic Alumni

I fear it looks like he's peeing on them...


Ummm that is a pegasus. And it does kinda look like he is peeing on them.

Joe Harding

i gave the unicorn a wing to fly off


thats the fattest unicorn ive ever seen, or am i seeing things

crisco disco

you're right. that is the phattest unicorn you've ever seen.


it's the fattest pegasus i've ever seen.


i really like the blue one. 5


the green and teal one would look pretty awesome on black. i don't like the line though - it does look like pee. and i think you should get rid of the horn and just make it a pegasus.


It can't be a pegasus, because there is only one Pegasus, which was the name of the flying horse, guys. Not to say there couldn't be more flying horses, but...

Anyway, I think there IS a name for these unicorn/flying horse hybrids, but it escapes me at the moment.

Of the colors, I like the green/teal one. =)


It doesn't have any ears...


I LIKE IT! Keep it the way it is. ;)

MeLa de Gypsie

yeah.. err... unicorns don't have wings.. but it looks like you're doing a cross between the pegasus and the unicorn.. what would that be called I wonder...

Joe Harding

How about uni-pegasus? Haha, well just enjoy.
The reason we cannot see them, maybe they have wings to fly away far. Haha I know that sound crap. Anyway its all about myth and theres no truth behind it.


Yes, it does look like it's peeing.

"As I looked up wiping the mess from my eye,
I really wish Unicorns couldn't fly"

Dr. Elusis

We called them uni-pegs when I was a kid. And most of the unicorns I collected (when I was in that phase) were winged.


Hahaha, twinkle twinkle!

Joe Harding

Tat's funny Dragonsfan!

Anyway thanks for those who loved it and also thanks for those who wished there is no urine alike at there or fat unicorn. I will take note!



The unicorn's feet could be touched up a little - it looks like it is walking on solid ground. If it were flying its feet might be swept back a bit.


Pegacorn. Unisus (that sounds like a medical company).


BasicShift - I'd say it looks more like a fart.


it looks fat. ehh.


$5. It is a healthy paganicornwhatever that does not subject itself to society's opinion of what thin is.
Sit on that Barbie!


I think Piers Anthony called them 'alicorns.'


I love the green! 5$


very very cute. but i agree that the design needs a little work. anyway, adorable idea. green or blue.


The one with the green moon is the best. 3.


its not fat, its pregnant.

I don't like the huge spherical background...its distracting. But it is a good concept, the sillhouette look on the unicorn and the people is perfect.


get rid of the person and dog


I happen to be an enormous douche bag


take away the thing that looks like pee and you got yourself a deal! XD


habitoinsomnii on Sep 05 '06
it's a unisus.

That just sounds wrong.


i like the blue one the best =)

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